Jericho calls Dolph "Future Champion" and more

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 7, 2012.

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  2. New book huh. Good for him. Everyone seems to like Ziggler, except for Vince/Creative/whoever books his stuff.
  3. Well he is a future champion obviously.
    He's holding the MITB briefcase.
  4. You mean the people who gave him the MITB?
  5. Yeah, the ones who did that and proceeded to have Chris Jericho and Randy Orton bury him. :downer:
  6. I don't think that it's because they don't like him, I think their main problem is that they have absolutely no idea what to do with him.
  7. Possibly.
  8. I kind of agree with him. He is a "future champion" although.
  9. No idea why people say Dolph is buried. It confuses me.
  10. It's not that his buried, but if he's going to win the World title soon he's not being booked as he should.
  11. EXACTLY.
  12. I keep hearing people ask why Dolph isn't dominating people on his way to being WHC.

    Last year, they gave the MITB briefcase to Daniel Bryan, then proceeded to truly bury him, have him turn heel, and cash in on a fallen Big Show (despite the fact that he had promised he wouldn't cash in until Wrestlemania), allowing him to become WHC and carry the title to Mania. Now, Bryan is one of the most over (if not the most over) guy on the roster, despite the fact that he's still ostensibly a heel and he's in what amounts to a comedy team with Kane (and that he lost the WHC to Sheamus in 18 seconds). Bryan is just that good that he's used what he had to make himself that over and WWE is running with it. It's even rumored that the guys backstage never thought it would take off like it has and were skeptical that Bryan had the charisma to pull it off.

    I bring this up because now you've got a ton of Dolph Ziggler fans who are pissing and moaning about his booking. Do you guys not have the faith in Dolph that we DBD fans had to have in Bryan? I'll guarantee you that WWE (Un)Creative has more faith in DZ than they did in DB.

  13. Jericho is right Dolph is a future champion he has everything to succeed as a champion
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