Jericho comes to Triple H's defense

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  1. Canada doesn't know what to feel right now :vince: I hope Bret doesn't throw out some comment on Jericho for this. Jericho would destroy him verbally.

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  2. Jericho responded while still giving Hart respect. I don't expect any rebuttal.
  3. TLDR version?
  4. Hart said Triple H hasn't had any "great" or memorable matches. Jericho comes to HHH's defense. Saying that Triple H is underrated in the ring and that he himself has had a couple of "great" matches in the ring. He also says that Bret might be harboring some issues with Hunter from the screwjob days or something.
  5. Weird, considering many reports that state that HHH has always been jealous of Jericho and that their relationship has always been strained. Dirtsheets ftw.
  6. Bret won't say anything bad about Jericho and even if his bitterness caused him to (it won't), Jericho respects Bret too much to make a deal out of it.

    The thing is, a lot of people have pointed out that most all of Triple H's 'great' matches have been gimmick matches of some sort. Just look at some of the ones Jericho named - 3 stages of hell with Austin, two hardcore matches he had with Taker, the last man standing match he had with him, etc. Throw in the HIAC match he had with Mick Foley as well. Not saying he's not a good/great talent but how many straight up wrestling classics has he had compared to how many were just gimmick matches? He isn't bad but is he on the same level of ability of a Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit or probably even Chris Jericho himself? Not really.

    I could see Bret still harboring issues with HHH from the screwjob days. After all, it was him who came up with the specific idea on how to screw Bret at Survivor Series '97.
  7. True HHH seemingly works best when in a "situational" or gimmick match. But what is to say that a gimmick match is or isn't better than a technical match? It's all subjective. Some people enjoy gimmick matches more than technical wrestling after all.
  8. SIT DOWN MARKS! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:UNK:
  9. Let me explain something to you. I AM a lot of things. I am everything that I say I am. But the one thing that I definitely am not, is a good guy. So if you feel like playin' the Game, then jack I'm standing right here. :bury:
  10. :obama:
  11. Good, Jericho is telling the truth. You can say many things about HHH but saying he's never had a great match is just... biased.
  12. Y2J the man in the middle!
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