Jericho discusses HHH as the boss

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. If Jericho says he's alright, he's alright.
  2. Jericho is our leader. If he says HHH is right, then HHH is right.
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  3. It's great to read this, especially from someone who is credible within the company, in terms of having a knowledgeable head on his shoulders [Jericho] as he's done pretty much everything.

    Years ago, when I first heard that Triple H and Stephanie were going to take control on the company eventually, I was very skeptical. Let's face it, Evolution was pretty much an excuse for Triple H to live out his fantasy of being in the Four Horsemen, and news and rumours about him thinking his World Heavyweight title opponents at the time were not "ready", which resulted in him keeping the title for such a long time really pissed me off, especially when he faced Booker T at WrestleMania 19, and Rob Van Dam. But since he has basically been taking over the company, we keep reading good things about the way he runs things and pretty much everyone seems to happy working under him. And he kept true to his word to try and bleed some new life into the Tag Team division; it may not be back to where it was at all, but there were some improvements for sure.

    Good stuff to read indeed.
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  5. Great read, nice to know HHH and Jericho are friends, and that Triple H seems like a suitable replacement for Vince.
  6. 100% this.
  7. I'm glad to see a real wrestler is taking over the reigns, it means we'll probably start to see more entertaining matches and better wrestler debuts.
  8. Exactly this. Clique aside, he is going to be an awesome owner, as someone who knows what it takes to become a real superstar (see his horrible british character or whatever it was)
  9. I'm dreading the debut of Fandango on friday >_>
  10. I think he will flop, and it will end quickly, honestly. He will come in as a cheap sandow, and lose to rey/cara whenever WWE decides to bury him.
  11. +1, great post. Totally agree.
  12. Knowing Vince, he'll have Cesaro lose to him in his debut, to make him look strong, whilst burying one of his top men IMO.
  13. I just don't see the attraction of a Tango Dancing wrestler D:
  14. Sadly, i totally believe this. I think they will have him face Rey and put himself over, then go over cesaro, then come out to no pop, win over god knows who, and that will be the end. PPV loss in april, then game over.
  15. the only people he's gonna win over with that gimmick is Women (probably not even that). I'd hate to see him go over either Rey or Cesaro tbh :/. It annoys me to that a 1 armed Miz beats Cesaro.
  16. NXT is reportedly HHH's little project, it's in his control. NXT > any WWE show right now in terms of how it's ran, and because of that I'm incredibly optimistic about HHH being in complete control.
  17. If that's true, then the few episodes of NXT i've watched certainly show some promise. I just wonder how long it will be until we get that quality of programming up on Smackdown, since RAW is the more popular one for now and shouldn't really be changed as much.
  18. I'm still skeptical about this regardless of what Jericho says. Triple H from what I've heard does have it together, but with Vince being in charge for so long, I'm not so sure.
  19. I'm actually looking forward to Fandango's debut. I think I'll have some fun. :dawg:
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