Royal Rumble Jericho discussion thread.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Last night the best in the world at what he does finally spoke (after a lengthy epic troll). He said "At the royal rumble, it will be the end of the world as you know it" and left.

    What's his involvement in the rumble then? We know he's in the match, is it 100% he's going to win? If so; what's he going to do when he does win?
  2. He's gon' win it!
  3. He's not going to win it since he made a promo about it.
  4. Means nothing ^

    He didn't say "I'll win it", he just said the end of the world as you know it. It's highly likely Jericho is winning.
  5. My money is on Orton :wink:

    If Jericho does win it, he'd be the only other one I wouldn't mind to win it.
  6. I wouldn't mind an Orton win I suppose, but it's a waste in my opinion.
  7. Defo orton :emoji_wink:

    I love his style
  8. Anyone else notice (said this last week, but wow) that Jericho got his 6-pack back? Lol.
  9. He'll win and Punk will win! Johnny Ace still gets fired, Steph becomes RAW GM setting up a career vs title match at WM! Months of Jericho, Punk feuding!

  10. He is looking to be in great condition. I guess being off the road will do that for you.
  11. Imagine the promos @[Cloud], IMAGINE THE PROMOS :emoji_heart:
  12. @[Crayo] omg i know!

    So dont see it tho as it'd come close to overshadowin Rock vs Cena so i guess its pure fantasy!

  13. It will happen, trust me. Not even fantasy-booking, Punk v Jericho is happening this year and I CAN'T WAIT! Won't over-shadow Rock v Cena though. That's a dream-match, but the match quality from Punk/Jericho will be MOTY candidate.
  14. see i do and dont care for Rock vs Cena

    Punk vs Jericho the bigger match for me, suppose more in ring ability! just my opinion but Rock vs Cena gonna suffer from overhype!
  15. I doubt it will the crowd will carry it to a classic. Similar to Hogan vs Andre and Hogan vs Rock.
  16. I see your point. The main reason I'm interested in it is because I suspect something major to happen, something as big as the Hogan heel turn. Probably be let down though.

    I don't think overhype will be an issue, the match is so big the hype will settle itself. The crowd won't stop chanting/making noise throughout the match, so however bad the match is the crowd will make it at least a 3* match by default.
  17. Please let the turn happen! intense Cena is already better so heel Cena hell yeah!
  18. So true. Congrats on 100+ posts btw @[Cloud] :emoji_slight_smile:

    If Sheamus or Orton win this rumble, I won't be happy. Sorry @[RKO].

    It has to go to Barrett or Jericho.
  19. If Barrett wins, I will write a strongly worded letter to the WWE Writers. Then I will sit on my couch, eat some cheetos, and wait for a letter to come back. If no letter is applicable withing 10-15 business days, I will personally find Wade Barrett, and RKO him @[Sage]

  20. :rofl:

    Barrett is epic though :emoji_slight_frown: