Jericho is the leader of the shield!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by DarksideTrin, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. U heard it here first!

    Your welcome!
  2. Inserting him in on raw.... Way too random!

    I smell a WM double cross!!
  3. OH HELL NO!
  4. This thread is full of fuck
  5. He's supposed to go on a short tour with Fozzy (1-2 weeks) which is why he was put in the match, they can claim that Shield took him out.
  6. It's clear to me that no one is the 'leader' of The Shield. They revealed Heyman and Punk hired them to help them out when need be but by almost dropping any sort of alliance between them since, it shows they're open for hire from anyone and not just brought in for the sole purpose of aiding Mr. Straight Edge.
  7. They don't have a designated leader nor shall they have one.
  8. Was going to come in and tell Lanny he's fucking retarded, as always, but lock set it straight for me. Thanks.
  9. At what part in the show did he get taken out though? He looked fine to me and I expect him on raw monday.
  10. just do us all a favour and just dont post in my threads. The general IQ of any thread you are in drops to down syndrome levels
  11. Do yourself a favor and ignore me then, you ingrate. You call FTJ retard for real, and expect random, shitty, pointless threads where you speculate to be taken as facts? Post stupid shit like this in the LR before, that's where the LQ bs goes.
  12. its hard to ignore the guy spewing hate at me every time I post something. I would need one of those DX face shields they used for Sarge Slaughter.

    Seriously, just stay out of my threads. your opinion is never welcome
  13. I dont hate every time, just mostly since you started posting stuff like this and telling Randy he is retarded, that shit was below the line and you know it, even i dont go that far.

    Ignoring me is easy, you go to the CP and place me on the ignore list, you're smart enough to figure it out, im sure. I'll still post in your threads when it's garbage that let's me down like this, but you wont have to deal with it.
  14. This thread is my opinion, and my opinion alone. If you dont like it. I dont give 2 shits. Keep your opinion to yourself because I dont care to debate with someone of your hate spewing kind.

    Your a joke and a cancer on these forums
  15. I would much rather have a debate with Gohan. At least his opinion has heart behind it
  16. there is nothing about you that isnt offensive
  17. :obama: I love compliments.

    You are one of 3 people i feel waste their intelligence on this forum, filling it up with trash posts like this. You get the WWE, but post random bs meltzer-like posts. I disagree, and post responses because of that. I'll tell you what, ill tone down the hate, and just post i disagree and why, instead of insulting, if you stop posting shit like this without posting (opinion) or (speculating) after it.

    Really was pumped to see someone's report/something i missed on jericho being a shield leader, and all it is was your opinion. This post isnt even up to BLFFL standards.
  18. You get to post your opinion, but i can't post mine? If you dont give two shits, ignore it.

    Dont get so butthurt.
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