Jericho: "My current run will end before Summerslam"

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Alrighty then, your thoughts?
  2. If he comes back after then I'm fine with that. If not, then FU Jericho Fozzy sucks ass.
  3. So its obvious CM Punk will retain his title at Extreme Rules and the next PPVs then Jericho leaves
  4. Wish he'd realise fozzy sucks more balls then an average diva.
  5. Maybe he needs time off here and there and Fozzy is his excuse 4 it. 'Current run' implies he will return later at some point. At his age, I can admire his decision 2 relax and unwind b4 he returns again.
  6. Nah it's just he's probably lost his passion for WWE, he really wants to become a rock star and he is obsessed with it. Hats off to him, I just wish he realised it's a crap band and he's the best thing the WWE has ever seen.
  7. Wrestling hurts, Crayo. I'm sure he can't travel 250 days anymore. Regardless of his reasons, he can only work so many months a year. Guys his age, shouldn't b wrestling that much when they make decent wages
  8. He's in the best shape of his life, I don't think it has anything to do with body pains or anything, he's never been the type to get injured a lot.
  9. Is Jericho even working house shows atm? He has only wrestled a handful of matches since returning. The Rumble, the EC, the Mania match, the battle royal he won, and a match with Kofi.
  10. He worked/works house shows all the time. He's wrestled Kofi the majority of the time. Ever since his return he's been at most house shows dude.
  11. Well, I can't say I'm surprised, but I wish it wasn't like that. OK, Jericho doesn't have to be a fully active wrestler throughout the whole year, but it's just that this Fozzy thing is... IDK, the guy leaves wrestling for the band, comes back... And the band sucks, that's what's worse.

    Edit: But I really hope he sticks around until the week after OTL, that's when WWE's coming to Brazil. He's confirmed, but you know, if he leaves for Fozzy before that...
  12. Wasn't sure if he was or not since I don't ever bother to read house show results. I would have guessed that WWE would be smart enough to give him the week off in between Raw shows to keep him from getting burnt out
  13. As I said earlier he's in real good shape. He's fitter now than he was in his previous full time state lmao.
  14. Telling everybody he would stay, but go away for 2 shows or so.
    Really hope that's the case here.
  15. It's not about the shape he is in that makes me think that, it's just about wearing him out mentally.

    And he is obviously in better shape now than he was in the 2008 to 2010 run.. he was overweight back then.
  16. Lol true. Dunno why he needs a mental break either, he's had over a year off.
  17. It's not a mental break, it's just lightening his load so he doesn't get burnt out like I said. There is really no reason for him to have to work house shows unless he really wants to, which for all we know he might.
  18. I don't care to be honest. I'm a Jericho fan, but I've sort of had my 'fill' of him from over the years (though I'm enjoying the Punk feud), so it doesn't bother me that he'll be leaving again shortly. Also, we've known about his leaving for a while so it's not like this is some sort of shock or anything.
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