Jericho not at Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 6, 2012.

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  2. Isn't he on tour in Australia by then anyway?
  3. Not surprised.
  4. It's Jericho, he will most likely be trolling.
  5. Yeah yeah. And It Begins was about Brock Lesnar. Also he was in Hawaii for a vacation last year. Dont trust Jericho :jeritroll:
  6. So he's going to be at Wrestlemania?
  7. hope he goes against ziggler for the whc at wm
  8. Yeah he would skip the mania in my backyard. :bury:

    When will he realize that his band sucks and the only reason he's successful now is because Jericho marks are more prevalent because of his last return.
  9. Chris doesnt need WWE hes doing very well with his band so theres no need for him to return to WWE
  10. have u listened to any of their songs? I wouldn't call that doing well :urm:
  11. Maybe because he's gonna be on tour? Anyways, he'll come back. I know it.:smug:
  12. Would be nice to have him there and him putting someone over..

    If not, he'll be cashing anyway with the band.
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