WrestleMania Jericho or Punk?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Arrow, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Who will win at Wrestlemania, Jericho or Punk, and why?

  3. :laugh:

    All seriousness I think Punk will win. I'm not sure though, which will make this great.
  4. Crayo, it'll be the best match of the night... Guarenteed.
  5. Honestly with all the news floating around bout Jericho staying on for a time after WM they could easily have him win and the feud continue a little afterwards which I think would be huge and a good move for the dollar signs VKM obviously aspires after so much these days.
  6. Agreed. I didn't give Jericho one chance a couple weeks ago but as soon as I realised he's probably staying, it turns things on its head. I still think Punk might get it but who knows. I don't care either way. Though I'd prefer Jericho I think.
  7. Jericho, he's really ready for it in my opinion. Especialy now that he extended his contract. I think he will have a good run.
  8. Jericho should win because they've got to be careful with Punk or they could build him up to be super hero issue turning the fans on him.
  9. Also agree with what seabs says if they push Punk to much to superhero status there would eventually be a backlash and that could spell the end.
  10. Jericho has talked about putting young guys over and stuff, so I think probably Punk. Unless they have Jericho win it only to lose it the next night or at Extreme Rules. But by the time the feud is over, I think Punk will be standing with the WWE Title.
  11. How can Y2J put over Punk? Punk is already over bro.
  12. He can still be put over as a legitimate talent by retaining the WWE title at Wrestlemania like Miz last year, Cena put him over even though he was over.
  13. Not really necessary imo. Punk is way over with the WWE Universe.

    Y2J ftw!
  14. Punk is over but he's no mega star like he should be. Going over Jericho only cements his status as top of the food chain, it gets more casuals on his side but I'd prefer Jericho winning. As sad as it is for me to say this, Jericho isn't really much of a star to go over. The way they've used him over the years it's become nothing like going over a Cena or HHH.
  15. I know, but they don't want to have Cena no. 2 right? Atleast that was what I heard.
  16. Cena will never be no.2 but he's big enough already to not be in the title scene. They need someone else and Punk is that guy.
  17. Yeah but I'm talking about the story that they would not let him end up like the Cena thing. 'Super Hero'.
  18. Jericho, best in the world. Punk could be solidified as a top star with a win, but... meh idk. Personal preference.

    Uhhh.. off topic... I can't stop staring at Crayo's referee gif. It's so mesmerising to think about how a ref gained so much speed and precisely slid across the entire canvas... O_O
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