Jericho or Ziggler

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  1. Jericho

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  1. Not a gimmick comparison

    In your opinion, who is the better wrestler in terms of skill, athleticism, and overall talent; Jericho or Ziggler, and why?

    In my opinion, Ziggler caps it off for athleticism, but skill and overall talent, he is just under Jericho.
  2. Love DZ but Jericho always.
  3. I can't choose one, they are both extraordinary talents and amazing in differant ways, Ziggler is the future, Jericho is a legend, can not choose for me.
  4. I'd say Ziggler has the Athleticism and talent these days, but a Jericho 10 years ago is like a carbon copy of Ziggler these days. Its a very, very tough call to make considering they are so, so alike in both style, staturre and even things like height.
  5. Jericho is still very ffin athletic for his age. He can still do a lionsault!
  6. Jericho obviously.
  7. Jericho is still miles ahead in the sense that he is the complete package. I have serious doubts whether Ziggler will ever go on to have a career littered with as many highlights as Jericho has, for starters he can't ever be the 1st undisputed champion can he? Ziggler of 2012 definetely beats Jericho in the ring when it comes to how athletic he is. He doesnt have the technical part yet and still hasn't put on the real classic like Jericho has many times over his career. Ziggler has huge potential though.
  8. Not seen enough of Dolph's in ring psychology and offence to compare him to a great like Jericho. Best seller? Ziggler. Overall? Jericho.
  9. Prime Jericho I would go with him but 2012 Ziggler vs 2012 Jericho? Advantage Ziggler
  10. Prime Jericho > All.
  11. Was away to vote Ziggler but I just can't vote against Jericho, he's such a god. I can't choose :sad:
  12. When was Jericho in his prime?
  13. Ziggler.. dunno why ;o
  14. I can't decide. I'm a big fan of both and one has a few things over the other, but it's also the other way around. Really torn.
  15. Ziggler is the future, but Jericho is a living legend:win:
  16. Not really a fair comparrison. Chris Jericho to me is the best wrestler of all time. Now, I would give Ziggler the edge. 10-15 years ago nobody could touch Jericho.
  17. 1997-2005ish, maybe later.
  18. It's kinda hard to say. Because even if you watch some of his heel stuff circa '08 it's still pretty epic, I guess when he just started putting folk over ALL the time was when he began to be 'out of his prime'.
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