Jericho responds to heat for leaving WWE.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. So hope he does stay!!
  2. I hope he does stay aswell no matter what he touches it turns into solid gold.
  3. Possible good news there then he could help ppl and the younger talent which I certainly feel is much needed at the minute.
  4. I love how he just owns idiots on twitter though :emoji_slight_smile:

    We need a Jericho vs Miz feud.
  5. I've said this all along. He has one event lined up with Fozzy during the summer and people twist that into JERICHO'S GONE AFTER WRESTLEMANIA BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
  6. He has two I think in June or something. I really do hope he does stay. Him doing house shows and stuff now make me think he will, but he is the best :troll: in the world.
  7. two gigs but from what I took from what i read it's just one music festival somewhere in England

    pipe bomb end of story
  8. Yeah I think they're playing download which is a big rock/metal/alternative festival over here at Donnington.
  9. Damn was gonna reply but it's end of story :emoji_slight_frown:.

    (Playing at "Download" in UK btw).
  10. Ninja'd see my post!

  11. Damn you Cloud, it was the end of the story!!!
  12. :pity::pity:
  13. If it's for two "gigs" I am suspecting another injury storyline involving Punk injuring him or who ever he feuds with last until Extreme Rules.
  14. Unless I'm way off base I don't think he would need to be gone for more than a week or two at the most.
  15. If they are only doing Download it's one weekend thats it so wouldn't need a massive amount of time off no!
  16. A week I guess. Travelling, Gig, Travelling back. Hopefully it's just one RAW he misses or two at most.
  17. My mate has tickets tempted to go and do CM PUNK chants through his set haha
  18. When is it? June or July?
  19. Those chants won't make it. I know people who go to download, you won't get heard at all lol.
  20. LOLS I know worth a try though

    An Dolph aint sure as it aint really my scene my mate jus has spares so i'm tempted.
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