Jericho returning as babyface

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. SEScoops

  2. :facepalm1:

    WWE Can't be that stupid, can they?

    Don't answer that.
  3. Face Jericho is still better than most others on the roster.
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  4. WWE is always intent on doing heel vs heel, and Jericho's just going to be lost in the shuffle as a face, whereas they need all the heel talent they can get atm. It's not Jericho's talent that's the issue here (as usual), dude's a boss either way.
  5. To be honest he got more cheers than boo's as a heel anyway. People love Jericho. If it's a rock and roll gimmick to support Fozzy then it could be okay.
  6. But we really need a big heel atm, Jericho plays the loves himself role perfectly
  7. It's Jericho, he'll always stand out. Plus I can fap over the possibility of the rockstar Chris Jericho Vs The Showoff DZ. Who would he feud with as a heel? Punk's been done, Cena / Sheamus / Orton would all bore me.
  8. Heath Slater, Fozzy vs One Man Band :sweet:
  9. I like face jericho :emoji_slight_smile: maybe they're turning him face to set up a feud with a heel? :O
  10. wtf is SEScoops?

    Sounds to me like they are just trying to put 2 and 2 together. They might be right, but I doubt they have inside sources.
  11. That would be an awesome feud. Imagine their segments. :dawg:
  12. :fap:
  13. Do any dirtsheets have actual inside sources? D:

    This could be good. Would love a feud with Ziggler. Anyone else?
  14. Well, it could work. Him against Ziggler would be cool.
  15. It's the sensible thing to do. His last heel run was identical to his one before he had his drastic return.
  16. It's a good idea, to be honest. At least it'll get rid of this "I'm gonna talk in a deeper and slower voice because it somehow makes me more intimidating and cold blooded" heel character that's been around since 2007. Bring Y2J back.
  17. Not Y2J IMO, he needs to reinvent himself, it's part of what makes Jericho great. Use some similar traits to Y2J, but not that gimmick on the whole.
  18. Would mark so hard for a babyface Jericho. I've been desperate for a babyface to really get behind and he'd undoubtedly do that.

    My first thought was Ziggler/Jericho as well, that would be so fapworthy.

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