Jericho returning soon?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, May 25, 2014.

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  1. pwmania

    Fozzy sucks.
  2. Yeah, let's bring Jericho back to win the MITB briefcase instead of someone who's been working day in and day out and deserves it more... that's exactly what the fans want... I mean it worked with Batista didn't it?
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  3. He should come back and fight Bryan for the title, or possibly win the MITB briefcase but then drop it to someone lke Cody Rhodes.
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  4. How would Jericho returning affect his podcast? Because I'd much rather hear Jericho talk about wrestling (among other topics) nowadays than watch him do it.
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  5. Difference is people legitimately still love Jericho. He's still entertaining, and he's more than willing to put new guys over (so much so that he's pretty much guaranteed to lose matches more often than not), he's not there to hog the spotlight or anything like that.
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  6. And he doesn't run out of breath within his first 5 minutes of walking to the ring and eating a clothesline. :jericho:
  7. Fozzy doesn't suck. :henry:
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  8. Can't wait for Jericho to return. :smug:
  9. I guess when DB wins the belt back it would be fine to see DB/Jericho for the belt.
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  10. I would have to agree that seeing a Bryan-Jericho feud for the title would be entertaining to watch.
  11. I saw this earlier, I was pretty pumped. Jericho is a lot more entertaining than Batista as a person just to have one match put him over the top, and Batista in the Rumble was a joke coming in at what 27 or 28 can't even recall at least Jericho will have a helluva match in the MITB for a full lengthed match before being back in the main event scene.

    Also Snow, Fozzy isn't half bad bought a day pass for like $18 for them at ROTR (rock on the range festival) last weekend.
    This song has been a favorite of mine for awhile and hearing them do it nowadays was awesome still.

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  12. Terrific song. I've had it on my iPod for a while now.

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  13. Jericho w/ Long hair brings back some great memories of the early days with Christian and Edge all while they were young.
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  14. Love Y2J, but nobody he "puts over" gets much of a real rub anyway these days. I could do without him
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  15. He's gotta pull a Christian IMO.. "Just one more shot.. it's all I need!" except after he gets it and goes on a tiny run and loses it to whomever probably Daniel Bryan or Lesnar at Summer Slam theoretically and actually leaves the promotion.
  16. As much as I love Jericho back in the day, I'd rather they didn't bring more people back. Yes, I am aware that he'd most probably be there to put over the younger guys, but still- there's a wealth of wrestlers that are already there and under-used for one reason or another.
    Maybe if the WWE concentrated on writing decent feuds, tone down the 'comedy' factor and just improve the quality in general then they maybe wouldn't have to resort to bringing old faces back. Well all know Batista was (and still is) a disaster but I don't see the love for RVD either.
  17. The more I think about it, the more I agree with @Majour on a Y2J return.

    They've got way too much young talent that needs to be built up and strongly established, including people who are on the verge of the main event scene to bring back a 40-year-old part-timer who will only be there for a few months anyway.

    I'm as big a Jericho fan as you're likely to find, but him coming back at this point (especially just to give him the title) just seems like a bad idea.

  18. Just going to mark for second :please:
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