Elimination Chamber Jericho scheduled for EC

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  1. Who will he face though? Zigs is in the EC match.
  2. Zigs said he didn't need the EC and walked out during booker's announcement. So not sure.
  3. Which makes it even more obvious that he is facing Jericho.
  4. Missed that one, was it on Smackdown?
  5. [​IMG]
    Id be content if they faced each other any/every ppv.
  6. Jericho/Ziggler at EC instead of WM? Would like to see it but it sounds weird.
  7. Maybe Jeri nabs the briefcase
  8. I assume Jericho will be facing Ziggler at EC. Either way I'm super excited to see Y2J wrestle at this PPV!
  9. i'm glad that jericho is back and participating in ppv.

    but in a couple of months he will leave to go back on tour with his band Fozzy
  10. I want him to have another match rather than one against ziggler , with the right built, it can be a main event match.
    I want this to happen at WM. Ziggler vs Jericho WM29 with ziggler winning and cashing in afterwards.
    Big E vs Jericho at EC?
  11. :no: Y2J get in the EC Match! Del Rio retirn again Big Show and then Figger cash in on Del Rio and beat him for the World Champion! And then Y2J vs. Figger for the World Title at WM29! DUH!
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