Jericho Set For Monday's RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 21, 2013.

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  2. Great, Jericho will be tomorrow night in Raw and then will leave for a month. His music is much better than the last matches he has competed in imo
  3. Not even that excited for him anymore. All he's done since the Ziggler fued is put over every fucker and his dog and scream unnecessarily into the Mic.
  4. Hope we get a promo and not just a beatdown. Obviously someone has to write it off TV, who should it be?
    Would be pretty cool to see Ryback fuck him up. Or Henry, even better... Screw logic, have Ziggler beat that ass and restart that feud!
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  5. I stopped caring about Jericho returns as early as 2012.

    I like him, but he's not on a top tier level for me (or for WWE for that matter) where just hearing about his comeback is gonna get me wet with excitement... Especially when he hardly ever wins.
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  6. Same. I dig that he wants to put over no talent, but are you really putting someone over if you always lose anyway?
  7. Any opportunity to see Jericho on Raw or Smackdown is always awesome in my eyes. He always makes the best of his dialogue and matches.
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  8. Good, still love to watch Jericho.
  9. Jericho jobbing to Fandango again, whilst the English fans chant his theme. Trust me on this.
  10. Great to hear that Jericho is coming back for Monday. He's always good whenever he's on TV.
  11. Agreed, simply jobbing to a newbie isn't going to get them over.

    I marked for Jericho's return at the rumble, but I really don't care for this. He hasn't done anything all that special in his recent returns. Chances are he'll have a DECENT feud, job and disappear for some months again.
  12. Well you get +5 points for going over an AE star, but lose 3 by merely going over a mid-carder, so you still wind up with 2 points. Ziggler and Fandango definitely gained something.
    Plus Jericho's just like Daniels, dude jobs 50 times in a row and you can stick him right in the title picture because just giving him the mic will make you forget all of that.
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  13. Cmon Brits, expecting a rowdy crowd
  14. He's returned so many times that it's not really exciting anymore.
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