Jericho Summerslam Update

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 4, 2012.

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  2. such good news :emoji_slight_smile: hope he will be there to put ziggler over
  3. I think me, Cloud and Seabs (Vince was there too) got to that conclusion on some other thread but it's always nice to remember it. :gusta:

    He'll put Ziggler over like a boss.
  4. Us > PWI.

  5. yes i was there :gusta: :jeritroll:
  6. Interesting to know that he was seriously missing Summerslam if this wasn't cancelled.
  7. Yeah, that would be awful. We'd probably get Ziggler/Jericho on the Raw before Summerslam if that was the case I think. Or they'd just ignore the storyline existed as always.
  8. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Coming up: One MOTY contender. No onions.
  9. Best news I've heard all week. Now I can look forward to that MOTYC!
  10. If Ziggler gets offence in and TIME then he really needs to propel his "show off" gimmick to the next level. Easily going to be a MOTYC though.
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  11. thank god. Was getting worried he wouldn't be there but then Seabs posted his tour dates which didn't show that he's playing on 7/19.
  12. D.I. Seabs at your service.

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  13. Always so much :win:
  14. What if Jericho won?
  15. Yeah, I was thinking about that some other day. It would be really stupid to put the old veteran who's leaving like the following day or something over the young rising star who needs someone to put him over and whose image of being a jobber should be removed if he's to become a credible world champion. So, even though it's Jericho, if he won I'd rage.
  16. Big Hoss appreciates it. :otunga:

  17. well he came back purposely to lose to punk so i dont think he would win :jericho:
  18. Exactly, he shouldn't be put over people at this point.
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