News Jericho taking another break

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. :sad: pretty much confirms he'll be losing @ Payback.
  2. Well Jericho being in a PPV match pretty much confirms he is losing. I'm just glad he's been around lately, he's been on top form.
  3. Disappointed at this. He carried Fandango during their feud and has been awesome entertainment on RAW recently. I wonder what WWE will do with him between losing to Punk and MITB though.
  4. apparently the dirtpapers say that he might turn heeel duno how that wuld work.
  5. Got a source?
  6. gimme a few mins i think it was on but ill look for u.
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  7. Im not sure what to think on this tbh, His latest run has been boring with him just wandering the mid card.
  8. Thanks for that. Turning Bryan or Jericho makes no sense at all. They're both the top two most over guys on the roster, and can actually entertain all demographics as a face.
  9. no problem and i know wwe are making a bad decision if they do turn them heel
  10. So his current run will end at MITB? Not sure why that would necessarily mean a loss at Payback, especially since it's not a title match. But still, I see your point.

    Anyway, I'm trying something different with my predictions this time where I went with some fairly obvious choices then tried to pick a couple that everyone else didn't seem to -- such as Jericho and Kaitlyn. I still won't be changing my prediction. :smug: Just in case he does somehow or for whatever reason pull out the win, and also because some sort of twist wouldn't surprise me. (Kaitlyn is even less likely to win, but that's why I picked her. To be different and on the chance that WWE completely shocks me. :haha: )

  11. Unless it is against DZ.
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  12. This was expected, honestly. I think the general idea these days is that we're permanently stuck with getting Jericho only on a part-time basis. But I also don't see him losing at Payback just because he's leaving soon. Heyman accidentally screwing over Punk or something seems likely (like if he turns his back to confidentially grab Jericho's ankle to trip him while running the ropes but accidentally trips Punk instead?) Not sure how this leads to Jericho's exit after MITB, but they don't absolutely need a reason for him to take a hiatus. They can simply extract him from any important or semi-important story lines and then remind us once or twice during his absence that Jericho is on tour with Fozzy.
  13. Well Jericho's been great all year. Can't say I like the whole leave and return thing again but any time he's involved, I'm content.
  14. Well, fine with me. Maybe he takes a nice bump at MITB to justify his absence.
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