Jericho tears into Nash

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
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  2. :ISEE:
  3. Omg I love Jericho so much! :jericho:
  4. I was just waiting for his reply :jericho:
  5. He's not saying anything we don't know or making a quad joke we haven't all seen before, but not a bad effort.

    Nash could beat him in arm wrestling doe
  6. Yeah but Jericho can kick his ass real talk.
  7. Posted before. Jericho is a smark.
  8. Doubtful. Nash has huge muscles and long legs. He was also a great basketball player.

    Nash would destroy Jericho 1 on 1
  9. Jericho would rape Nash's corpse and you know it. :haha:
  10. Maybe if he had a bat
  11. It's called he's old and everybody know's his weak point. Plus his bigger so he's slower.

    Come at me.
  12. [​IMG]

    yea, this giant bear of a man is some brittle old jabroni for a vanilla midget like Chris Jericho to beat up.

  13. Yeah he has big muscles but what's the point if he can't touch Jericho?
  14. Gok Wan has muscles, doesn't mean he's tough, Chris would p*ss all over that p*ssy.
  15. He would drop Jericho if he connected with one punch. Let's not sit here and pretend Nash is an immobile mass of humanity. He has good coordination and all of that and it''s not like he doesn't know how to throw a punch.

    I'm guessing you are assuming Jericho could just run around Nash and kick him until he falls and cries, but I really doubt that would happen


    You are funny little mark.
  16. Jericho knows self defense. Kevin Nash probably would too but not as well.
  17. Nash is just trying cover up his own insucurities, he could never make it like Jericho has, hell Jericho today is still way better than Nash in his "prime"
  18. What if I told to you....

    Kevin Nash is a jealous bear, and couldn't defeat Bryan Danielson?
  19. Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night baby girl.
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