Jericho working at Maccies

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  1. i have never seen this before - you probably have

  2. Wtf, you guys call it Maccies?
  3. BTW, I've already seen the video.
  4. People call what they like but where i come from i was brought up saying Maccies
  5. Never heard anyone call it that before. I've heard people say Mickey D's, but most people here just call it McDonald's.

    And lol, wtf. :dawg:
  6. I call it McFat.

    Chris Jericho on crack!
  7. Yeah, people call it this.
  8. Mickie D's? I've heard Maccie D's, Maccies, McD's, Old McD's, and McDon's. Never Mickie D's.
  9. I don't know why people ACTUALLY say it.... it's the same amount of syllables as it takes to actually say McDonald's. It makes sense to type it as it's just "McD's", but saying it is quite unneeded, really.
  10. I don't like McD's so I don't care how they call it.
  11. Thanks for sharing.


    I guess McD's, McDicks or Mickey D's sounds nice to go to. Excluding McDicks.
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  12. You from the UK?
  13. Ahaha, I s'pose so. It makes it seem less fattening. :smug:
  14. I've never seen this video before! Jericho is so charismatic and I'm convinced he could do anything.
  15. I catch it funny how he rushes them for the cheeseburgers on the last order, but he doesn't take her money....come to think of it...did he take the money from the first car too? :hmm:

  16. Good point! However, I'm sure they got paid quite a bit by letting him work for them so it probably worked out in the end.
  17. But Jericho is going thru rough times :sad: He ain't got the cash
  18. Yeah. Burger King > McDonald's anyway. RIP Wimpy. *hand on Heart*
  19. Since we're talking about the subject...
  20. Theres 2 wimpy's left in Scotland.
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