Jericho's return, what was the point?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. No we all know he loves to put people over, so that explains the Ziggler interaction at the Rumble however why has he stuck around? He went in to the EC and jobbed without really lending anything to anyone and he's currently off the card and seemingly likely to just have some kind of match thrown together with Dolph if anything.

    So have they wasted his return?

    If so how would you have booked him?

    Bonus question, has he over done the returns making his seem less meaningful, we all love him but I can't help but feel a Jericho comeback is just normal now.
  2. He hasn't over done the returns really. It's just that he never wins. What do you gain from beating a guy that everyone beats?
  3. I think it was bad timing on his part. He has to compete with brock,HHH, rock, and taker. Just not enough room for Jericho.

    EVEN THOUGH he would probably put on a better match than 2/4 of those guys, but I won't name them to prevent arguing.
  4. I can't say I agree with that, this was what his 3rd big return since 2007? He's averaging one every 3 years lol, it just seems like oh Jericho's coming back again....
  5. That's just teasing, it can't be Brock but Taker doesn't fit either IMO :HMM:
  6. Rock/Taker imo, but that isn't a knock on them. Jericho is just REALLY good.
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  7. I love Jericho so I'm always pleased to see him. His return was shocking but since then he hasn't been put in many matches (although I really enjoyed his match against CM Punk) and even his rivalry with Dolph didn't pick up the way I thought it would. I would say that the WWE isn't utilizing him in the way that they could be but I figure that might be because of the touring he's been finishing up with Fozzy and his new show.
  8. Jericho is just sort of 'there', nowadays. He loves wrestling so he just comes back here and there to have matches and put people over. He's at the twilight on his career and is pretty much semi-retired. I don't think he or anyone else really looks forward anymore to the next time when Jericho finally wins the big one again and runs with the ball again at the top. He's just a good hand nowadays.
  9. I'm sure he'll be on RAW tomorrow, they'll probably have him match up with Zigs.
  10. wwe have no real faith in giving in him another title run which i think is wrong,he can still go, still better then anyone on the mic.I think Jericho justs likes to put on good matches for the crowd and not receive anything from it and just missed the reactions and everything.

    I would love to see a full blown Bryan feud,the little interaction they have had has been good so imagine a real feud between the two.

    I sort of agree and disagree with Stopspot,yes Jericho loses a lot but he is still credible imo as he has a distinguished career and the losses imo don't affect him.
  11. Wrestle new talent and put them over.
  12. He returned because he loves wrestling, no actual plans for him, he just wants to be there.
  13. Well last year he had to compete with HHH/Taker & Rock/Cena, so I don't think one more heavy hitter match is going to mess that up. I don't mind having a stacked card like that at mania. Last year was pretty damn awesome as well with those matches.
  14. Just like the OP, I am starting to see how there is no point in his so called return. He comes in, loses to a certain talent, and disappears for 3 months. Comes back again, lose, and 3 months hiatus.

    It became so predictable now, and seriously no one is going to get huge by beating Jericho.
  15. I don't mind it either lol. I just said that it's hard for him to get any spotlight being on tour, and with the return of everyone within the same time period.
  16. I say that it's more hard for him to get spotlight when he's not on TV as much as he should be and losing to everyone, but that could be fixed with reducing time for Khali's karaoke
  17. A lot of that is his fault tbh. He has so many side projects that he has to take weeks or months off at a time.
  18. Yeah he's not on tv because he was on tour with his band fozzy. The rock misses dates to do a movie but he's main event. Jericho is just there to put over stars. I expect it and there's nothing to complain about for me. I'll enjoy his match whether or not he wins/loses.

    I guess my main point was that if all of these returns weren't going on, they might have something bigger in store for Jericho, ya feel me?
  20. Yeah, it does feel like his return was wasted. He had a great night at the Rumble with DZ, we all thought they'd wrestle at WM but no. Now he'll just be put in some random midcard feud for the IC again. :sad:

    And yeah, seeing Jericho is always good but I can't help but feel he's being underused.
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