Jericho's suspension length revealed.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 25, 2012.

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  1. PWMania
  2. This a work or legit? Not really in the loop so is it part of a storyline he has going on?
  3. Legit. He stomped on the Brazilian flag (which is illegal).
  4. Expect this so be lengthened (work) as Jericho is going on tour mid-june in the UK with Fozzy, so it may be lengthened if they need it to be.
  5. The suggested suspension for mister Jericho will be:

    - 1 festival gig
    - 1 optional gig
    - 1 opening for a big band

    Total of three gig's, seems a good comparison to me mister Lawyer.


  6. I didn't know it was illegal to stomp on the flag here. I'll try it someday and see if they arrest me. That's B.S., stupid law, can't keep someone arrested for over 30 years but can get Y2J suspended for kicking that piece of fabric around? Damn it!
  7. Most 3rd world countries have similar laws. Nothing stupid about it, not every country can be America.
  8. I guess here's not the right place to complain about my country's politics (there a lot to complain about that), but at least in decent places they won't try to arrest a freaking wrestler for a skit during a show.
  9. So, we lose the Orton/Jericho match at No Way Out?
    Considering they are hell-bent on screwing up Punk/Bryan, this was sure fire MOTN.

  10. Yes, I want to see it they are just going to ignore it and pretend Jericho doesn't exist or it they'll actually explain it.
  11. Not every country's America stephan? Thank fuck for that.
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  12. Pretty sure they'll just drop it and ignore that it ever happened.

    Maybe they can throw Randy into the WHC match, maybe they can throw him at Miz or Dolph.
  13. I think that's putting America over a little bit too much, every developed country has a more developed law and government system than developing countries.


    Randy vs Dolph or Miz in a PPV is a great idea, it would be great for either one of them.
  14. Let me just say, thank you for that wonderful post.
  15. I was looking forward for that Jericho vs Orton feud.
  16. Yeah, America is the best country. That's where stars shine. Free soft drink refills. US has the best school bus services. Freedom, democracy, creating wealth, medicine, Entertainment. Plus, US is the home of WWE. :obama::dawg:
  17. If you say so. :haha:

    I want to see who will feud with Orton. Tensai? :lol:
  18. Where are you from? :dawg:
  19. South America, I thought you were from the states. :dawg:
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