Jerry Jarrett upset with Lawler segment.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Put a sock in it, since when does wrestling need to tone down because of outside political campaigns?
  2. Honestly, I didn't like the segment either. I didn't turn the channel though. It was a great raw, that was the only downfall of the night.
  3. I have a huge respect for Jerry Jarrett, but I need to see this.
  4. I agree with you Crayo. Even though it was pretty cheap, I mean, it's Paul Heyman. Plus, I was probably more upset about that Punk stunt that Jarret dude because the night that Raw where Jerry had the heart attack, my dad had a stroke. (He's okay now though, he's currently getting physical therapy in a rehabilitation center.) So, I mean... if I can take a joke...

    Plus, he should watch ECW. :dawg:
  5. My sig is a pic from the scene :dawg:
  6. What the fuck? I can't understand a sentence in it lmao.:dawg:
  7. :dafuq:

    My sig is a picture you noob, or have I missed something :shock:.
  8. Jerry is jealous because he never saved a mans life :pipebomb: #LongLiveHeyman
  9. Well then.... Your sig sucks (as usual). No offense.:dawg:
  10. I guess Jarrett's more of an old school guy, in those days a heel hitting the face with a sack of quarters was an angle that went on for months and everyone thought how despicable the heel was and stuff. He's entitled to his opinion.
  11. Does he know that Jerry Lawler had agreed to do this?...
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