Jerry Lawler derping like only he can

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 25, 2013.

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  2. You can't help but like Lawler for stuff like this. How can I possibly hate on the man for derping?
  3. Nice going King. Wish he would've just stayed in Dallas.
  4. Easily. Ready? Fuck Lawler.
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  5. So bitter.
  6. We all know the only reason he actually turns up to RAW is so he can stuff his face with Sonic burgers.
  7. I hope you marry a Lawler fan!! :pipebomb:
  8. Too bad he didn't drive into the Grand Canyon.
  9. you going to tna tonight bro? You down? Bro?
  10. My nights are fucked these days. Gimme a couple of months and I should be able to hit the LDs again.
  11. Come on WWE, deal with stupid stuff like this! Don't fire him! Please! Avoid the nightmare team of Taz and Lawler on TNA Commentary!
  12. I admire any man who is not from Cleveland but for some stupid reason is still a fan of the sports teams. I live here so yeah... Obligations. :downer:
  13. I don't see how you wanting to have sex with Lawler translate into hate? Unless it's angry sex
  14. Maybe he went to his secret cocaine stash in Dallas and that was just an excuse.
  15. Maybe Jerry was going to Dallas to pick up a hoe there's no way he drove 3/4 hours to Dallas and not realise as there must of been signs through that long drive to know where you are
  16. He went to go pick up his Viagra.
  17. 3 hours without realizing? I'm pretty sure they're signs.
  18. Not when you're getting a BJ from an underage runaway.
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  19. Lawler can confuse an entire arena chanting for Ziggler with them chanting for Sheamus. I'm pretty sure he could get lost.
  20. Jerry Lawler defintely had a reason to drive to Dallas maybe thats where hes getting his drugs from
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