Jerry Lawler Discussion Thread - King recovering from heart attack

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Get well soon Jerry.
  2. Jerry Lawler

  3. Jerry Lawler

    I agree, Get well soon.
  4. Jerry Lawler's Bryan Alvarez reported that at one point, there was talk of canceling the entire show. The situation backstage was said to be very intense with people crying and not knowing what was going on.
  5. Jerry Lawler

    Somewhere close by Matthews decided against taking WWE to court.

    Seriously accept a joke people. Hope Lawler is good, but hope he is off of the announcer table/cm punk angle for a while. Honestly i hope this makes the WWE think seriously about having a man his age/weight/shape competing and having to do serious in ring work again.


  6. Jerry Lawler

    I just hope Lawler recovers from this. I may have been a very vocal critic of his gimmick recently and his abilities, but I want to see him get better soon.

    Go get 'em, King of Memphis Wrestling.

  7. RE: Jerry Lawler

    No kidding. If the match has anything to do with this, WWE is in some really hot water.

    If there's a silver lining to any of this, it could ruin Linda.
  8. RE: Jerry Lawler

    Win, win, win. Lawler comes out and stays on the commentary side, She loses, and we get to have a Face Face (miz?) commentary section on RAW, you know 3 would be awesome, Lawler barely talked anyway.
  9. Re: Jerry Lawler

    Pretty sad news... Did not get to watch all of raw :@
  10. Jerry Lawler

    #PrayforLawler trending on twitter
  11. RE: Jerry Lawler

    That's what happens when you still wrestle when you're almost 63.

    Would have been odd to cancel the show, considering Owen actually falling to his death in front of an entire audience apparently wasn't important enough for them to cancel one several years ago.
  12. Jerry Lawler




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  13. Jerry Lawler

    Only joke, is she 18 yet? Hope he's alright, keep oldtimers out of the ring.
  14. RE: Jerry Lawler

  15. RE: Jerry Lawler

    I am so happy to see that Lawler was discussed here. I am on a Facebook WWE group...and nobody said ANYTHING about it. I tried to say something twice and was ignored. I ended up leaving the group. Something like that needed to be addressed if you're gonna run a group discussing WWE.

    Anyway, when I heard about it, I was so upset and frantic. I held on all night to see what was going on and when someone asked what was going on, I spread what news I had.

    I'm so glad he's okay. And I agree with an earlier post. Lawler should not have been wrestling. It was funny during the Lawler/Cole thing last year, but this just didn't sound right. Personally, I don't even like seeing Undertaker wrestle anymore. They are just too old. It doesn't make them any less great...but they are getting old. I had stated in one of my accounts (Twitter or FB) that some wrestlers just need to not wrestle anymore. If they want to focus on their mic skills, great. Lawler just seemed too old for the ring. It includes other wrestlers too.

    This was a frightening night and it could have gone very badly very quick. Luckily, he got immediate care and seems to be okay, for now. It was wonderful to see so many people offering their support on Twitter. So many people were worried and scared.

    I feel odd about my feelings about the picture of Cole crying. It's such a wonderfully taken picture and it holds so much emotion. But, how can I say it's a wonderful or beautifully taken picture when it involves the suffering of someone a ton of people admire?

    Anyway, I really appreciate that a thread has been made and people have actually acknowledged and discussed the matter. I think Lawler deserves that sort of respect. I do hope that he takes it easy and when he comes back...just stays on commentary.
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  16. RE: Jerry Lawler

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
    Certainly a sad day for the WWE.

    And hopefully they've learned their lesson.
  17. Jerry Lawler

    This is exactly why you use young talent. It doesn't take a fucking rocket scientist to figure out he's to old to do in ring work. It's not just about making the product better, but also taking their spots so THIS doesn't happen. This was going to happen sooner or later, with Lawler or any other Legend they keep putting in the ring. This is THEIR fault, and now look what happened. I hope Lawler gets better, and I hope WWE gets fucked over for this.
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  18. Please Vince dont use Jerry's heart attack in a storyline

    I havent watched Raw yet but ive heard the news from looking at twitter that Jerry had a heart attack live on Raw while doing commentary and I hope hes gonna be ok. I just hope now Vince doesnt use this in a storyline as thats just sick. Let Jerry recover at home. But I just know Vince with his sick mind will do something shitty to involve this in someway
  19. Re: Please Vince dont use Jerry's heart attack in a storyline

    I don't think they will use it in any storyline, and I don't think we'll see jerry for a while. Hope he makes a full recovery.
  20. Please Vince dont use Jerry's heart attack in a storyline

    Vince & Jerry are VERY close. He was there by his side all of last night apparently, so I highly doubt he'll do something like that.
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