Jerry Lawler interesting idea to make matches interesting.

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  1. I just came across this article earlier today. What are your thoughts on what Lawler thinks would have the matches become interesting?

    Reddit SquaredCircle user johnazoidberg met WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo and posted an interesting idea Lawler had for making matches more interesting...
    "Jerry Lawler is at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo to promote a comic he draws covers for, and I asked him who his favorite guy is right now. He answered Daniel Bryan, and then went on to explain the he dislikes guys who have the same match every time. "If you've seen one Ric Flair match, you've seen them all. And John Cena's starting to become like that too. If I was Vince, every 3 months I'd get all the guys together and tell them not to use any of the moves they've been using for the next 3 months." Interesting idea that I'd actually like to see."
  2. Yeah, it does get repetitive.... 95% of the time you know when the match is going to end and what the outcome will be based on what moves a wrestler does... Cena just needs a little more training to learn a few more moves.. he's shown a couple new ones here and there but they usually don't stay in his repertoire. Bryan is actually heading down that same road... when he hulks up then we know exactly what is going to happen after that. Having finishers are a must... and having a hype move before the finisher is a must.... but having a full choreographed move set is bad for business.
  3. I agree, definitely. I wouldn't do it regularly like he said, as in every three months tell the entire roster at one time to change it up but they should definitely do that individually.
  4. I agree kinda do it at random pick one wrestler for a set three months. Then pick another one at random so you don't know who it is going to be. This would create some interesting matches in my opinion.
    iron man
  5. Him staying away from commentary would work too.

    and I see him getting heat for this.
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  6. :george:
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  7. They have the repetitive matches so when they are in a big match at a PPV and the repetition is broken it feels like a big deal.

    totally disagree about "Seen one Flair match you've seen them all". Flair was a wizard-heel who had a bagful of antics to always keep me entertained. He wasn't nearly as guilty of working the same repetitive match as a ton of guys are.
  8. This. If repetition was broken every three months, creating special PPV matches will be far more difficult.
  9. It could be done, great wrestlers don't need the WWE crutch to pull the audience in, but many on the roster would be lost.
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  10. lmfao. If vince said that we would be watching Aries vs DB for matches instead of ever seeing Big Slow or even the Nash's of this world. It would hurt the industry but improve the product, sure. If you did it to build for a year once every 3-5 years sure it would work, but it would hurt #'s until you let the idea trim the fat on the roster.

    There would be no more goldberg's, and The Bad Guy would be top 5 all time in that aspect. I'd be interested but i'll reserve my total opinion until one of the staff euro's come in an say Japan already does that.
  11. ORRRRR, you can simply train, motivate and instruct your wrestlers to add some color into their work, just order them not to be repetitive, and that's it.

    Once upon a time, there was a guy named Bruce Lee, who said "simplicity is the key to brilliance".
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  12. This is Lawler being smark. It isn't surprising in the least.
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