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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. :haha: he didn't sell anything.
  3. :true: who seriously buys his shirts?
  4. Himself. :dawg:
  5. Who was the wrestler who bought like 100k copies of his dvd years ago? Maybe it was in sports, cant remember ATM.
  6. At least Raw was Kingless.
  7. & It was fantastic, Miz was fantastic, I can't see it been long before king is replaced.
  8. It'd be nice, who would you replace him with? Regal? Josh?
  9. King won't be replaced yet gents.
  10. But when he's replaced, who will do it?
  11. Why :cry:
  12. Because Vince is his bitch and he wants the money.
  13. Also to answer your Question I would probably have Regal, and then JBL on Smackdown.
  14. Seems nice. :obama:
  15. Good question, they seem to shove good announcers on NXT/FCW so no idea.
  16. Put your name forward Crayo, I'm sure you would love the diva's matches up close and personal.
  17. I guess Regal would be my pick, no one else comes to mind. JBL I want to work SD and I'm still unsure whether Mathews is play by play or color. And since they don't use Matt Striker... :downer:
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