Jerry Lawler Supports Trump

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Maybe it is a heel plug... maybe not... :bitw:
  2. #Heel
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  3. #IdiotTeenager
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  4. Just heeling it up, I assume. Although I could see Jerry actually supporting Trump in real life.
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  5. He is sucha flip flopper though. Probably say he supports someone to the public and then votes for the other.
  6. Jerry also crashes cars
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  7. I'm surprised JBL didn't make the tweet instead, especially given that the JBL character was meant to be a stereotypical rich Republican like Trump is.

    If the JBL character was in his prime today doing the same shit he was doing back then, the promos he would give to show his support for Donald Trump would be epic.
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  8. JBL is supportive of Trump, at least was in August:

    I'd like to see a weekly podcast of JBL breaking down the primaries and eventually the general election.
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