Jerry: "They're chanting let's go Sheamus!"

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Anyone laugh their ass off about this last night when Lawler lied proclaiming they were chanting "Let's go Sheamus" when it was in fact "Let's go Ziggler" lmao?
  2. I didn't really notice it but it's pretty funny. Mcmahon needs to stop trying to make Super Cenas and focus on the talent he has. Ziggler/Bryan can be as big as the rock if given the proper push.
  3. Nice sig... and on-topic too.
  4. I was confused as hell, I listened to the crowd and they were cheering for Ziggler.
  5. Funny thing is it was so loud that commentary was affected. So what does Jerry do? "Listen to this crowd, they're chanting 'lets go Sheamus!'" - he lies.

    That's annoying though, they don't do it for Bryan. At least let the people at home realise how over Ziggler was.
  6. He's such an assclown. Nothing more to say there, he's there because people hate Michael Cole....Why people dont watch NXT is beyond me. Best commentary on the least watched piece of WWE.
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  7. I noticed it, I think I mentioned it here somewhere already. Laughed a lot, delusional old man.
  8. PMSL when they do things like that cause it just shows how set in there ways they are and unwilling to be flexible.
  9. I laughed. Lawler is a joke
  10. Ziggler is taking over the world one arena at a time.
  11. He thought saying something as such would really belittle us to thinking they're actually chanting for Sheamus. Why is he even still commentating?
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  12. I wish we had the old jerry back... the perverted heel. i remember during a tribute to the troops near Christmas time he said "i would love to stuff Melinas stockings." made me laugh, now all he does is- ... what does he do anymore?
  13. He's useless, replace him with Striker.
  14. Striker is such a mark though, he can get quite annoying. I would replace him with Regal personally, or Matthews or Stanford!!!
  15. Not shit.

    Whatever "markdom" Striker has is easily hide-able by the 3-Man Announce Team. There is no reason not to do this, so it won't happen, we'll still have to deal with this group of assclowns on commentary.


  16. Hell no, Cole's boss atm.
  17. Cole's fine if you keep him neutral or if segments are so bad he can't help but shit all over them. If he turns heel again he can gtfo.
  18. lmfao O_O didnt see nwo, will have to find youtube clip of it. typical wwe.. wont let anyone get over unless then want them to.
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