Jersey Shore Star On RAW Next Week

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. not this crap again.. :upset:
  2. Okay Charlie Sheen was 10x better but that was barely bearable. Maybe some stupid tout angle will happen with Pauly dealing with Zack Ryder.
  3. Is he the one with the stupendious hair?
  4. He is, thank god he is only going to be speaking. Worse case scenario he replaces Sheen in the Bryan feud because of some bullshit (Still good since he draws major publicity and always have press around him). Even worse scenario he gets in the ring but then he has Bryan who can pull a good match out of anyone.
  5. Is WWE trying to make me not watch their shows anymore? Because if they are, they are doing a damn good job at it. With Kelly Kelly, AJ as GM, Big Show being in the main event, and now this shit. I don't know why I watch Raw anymore. And really, Jersey Shore? Who even likes those guys. They are famous for being a bunch of sluts, and fighting. If you want to see that stuff, go to my mom's family, we got that shit and it's a hella lot more funny, and get this, it's in Spanish.
  6. Someone kill me now... :Cry:
  7. It may be backward but wouldn't this guy coming in as a face and aligning with Ryder to feud with Bryan be a good thing, or is it just me? They have the Guido connection and putting Zack in a major feud would help him so much.
  8. That would work extremely well actually. Sadly I don't think there is time for that now up until SS but if they want to do it at the next PPV SS and Monday would be the golden moment. Have Bryan locate and beat the crap out of Paulie. Backstage segment with Ryder questioning him on it, Bryan going bat shit and threatening Zack. Then start the build up for a feud. Ryder doesn't have to go over. Just get the PPV match and a feud with Bryan, that alone will catapult him, plus teaming with Paulie who is a constant in casual press's eye.
  9. Can an American tell me if he's remotely famous at all? Sheen is a household name, but who is this chump?
  10. He is the second most logical person on the Jersey shore crew. His major fuck up is his stupid hair and being from New Jersey. Otherwise he is of the calmer sorts. He is also a famous celebrity DJ, he is always on TMZ and similar press's radar.
  11. So like our Big Bro contestents and TOWIE stars a piece of shite who without reality TV would be on benefits with little to offer the world!

    DAMN I made a mistake in life working hard!
  12. I don't watch Jersey Shore but I managed to scrounge up some info on this guy from Wikipedia. Bare in mind that this is Wikipedia but at least it will give us an idea of who the dude is.

  13. Seems like a popular douche.
  14. If he's that famous then it's a good move.
  15. I weep for WWE :((
  16. I don't know for sure, but from what I understand Snooki and the Situation are far and away the biggest stars on the show.

    The only things the Jersey Shore people have done imo have separated WWE from TNA even more. While TNA has the parody character Robbie E, WWE got the real Pauly D, not to mention TNA a couple of castoffs while WWE got Snooki.

    We ALL know this idiot isn't here because he loves wrestling, and that show is an absolute disgrace to our society. I hope the crowd boos the everliving fuck out of this guy.
  17. I can guarantee they will :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  18. <3 WWE. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I've been waiting all my life for this!
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