Jesse Sorensen Update

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  1. Jesse Sorensen was asked today on his Twitter when he would wrestle again for TNA. Jesse's response was "won't." Earlier in the day, Jesse teased a new beginning starting in October which seems to be something not wrestling-related.

    Sorensen was involved in a career-threatening injury at Against All Odds 2012 when a neck injury put him on the shelf. Originally it looked like Sorensen would be making his way back to the TNA ring but that no longer appears to be the case.

  2. Even if he has recovered, I can imagine something like that can be traumatic, being hurt like that during a match can have a psychological effect.

    He's better off retiring, I doubt he would be what he used to be if he was to return anyway...

    I just hope he has an extremely successful post-wrestling career :emoji_slight_smile:
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  3. Damn, that is grim with such a short and to the point response. Hope he finds something in life to do that makes him happy.
  4. Yeah as Dolph's said it's quite sad and I really hope he finds his new stuff in life.
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