News Jesse Ventura wins lawsuit

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. Well okay then, good for Jesse I guess. What do you guys think about this?
  2. Ventura and his ego. God forbid his image be slandered.
  3. Well, irrelevant.
  4. Though I don't agree with him pressing charges over it, he does have a case.

    Also, everyone got really mad at the Jury and Jesse only because Chris Kyle was a "veteran" and they should have respect. Didn't know that soldiers got by passes with the law. Think you might have better reasons to be mad at Jesse.
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  5. I actually agree with everything you just said/
  6. Lol'd at defamation. Okay buddy.
  7. Ventura wins lawsuit? lol whatevs
  8. The American court system at work again - someone being allowed to become nearly two million dollars richer by suing a person's widow for comments that her late husband made. If Jesse is so worried about his reputation being 'damaged', how does he think this is gonna make him look? He's already being bombarded in the media because of it (including by other members of the Navy Seals, I might add.)
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  9. 1.8 million. Wow. I guess he should have marked his book as fiction.
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  10. Jesse's rep is being a tough guy, going to court and being proven right doesn't really harm that, getting beat in a fight harms it.
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  11. I know what his motivation for it is, but when the guy who supposedly 'harmed' his reputation is dead and the court allows you to sue his widow for any amount of money (let alone for the amount that he got out of it), it's ridiculous. There were other ways he could have cleared his name than this.
  12. If I am correct, he sued Chris Kyle's estate. No knowledge if his wife really took a finical hit, I doubt it. His book had to sell like hot cakes. (Unless all money went to charity or something, which I doubt.)
  13. Given lawyer fees and such, the money was necessary. Getting his a** handed could possibly cost him in book sales, so he took the estate to court. This was less about getting money from them and more about his pride.
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