Jessie Godderz, Mr. PEC-Tacular, Takes Over “The Talk” on CBS

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    Jessie Godderz is no stranger to CBS, he became a star on the hit CBS Reality Show “Big Brother” and we are happy to announce that Jessie will join Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler as a guest on “The Talk” this Monday on CBS at 2pm ET 1PT/CT.

    What does Mr. PEC-Tacular have in store for the ladies of “The Talk?” Find out Monday! “The Talk” has been nominated for multiple Day Time Emmy Awards and past guests include Jennifer Lopez, Jeremy Piven, Robert Duvall and Elizabeth Banks.

    Make sure to tune in Monday to see Mr. PEC-Tacular, Jessie Godderz, on “The Talk” on CBS.


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