Jesus is a jerk

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  2. These are wonderful.
  3. Jesus just breaks the fourth wall like nothing :mog:
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  4. I know I shouldn't be laughing but I can't help myself. What a great thread :lol1:
  5. So funny.
  6. What a great role model.
  7. I'M A CHRISTIAN AND THIS OFFENDS ME!......................... lol jk THIS IS AWESOME :woo:
  8. This is awesome.
  9. Ha, showed my sister this. She lol'd

  10. why?
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    These pictures are obviously blasphemous, and blasphemy is a huge no-no. lrn2jesus
  12. These pictures aren't making fun of Hendrix though, so how is it insulting to God?
  13. Man, if I was that pregnant woman I'd go all stereotypical black woman style and smack the shit outta him like "BITCH! Why you gotta be running around making people like that, yo?"

    People suck :tough:
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