Jim Cornette Goes Off On TNA's Creative Team

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by The GOAT, Jul 2, 2014.

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    Tell 'em Jim! Although to be fair, I don't watch TNA and can't really say whether the creative team deserves to be lampooned or not at the moment. However, putting a Diva/Knockout with no booking experience or success on the creative team seems like a boneheaded move. It's always fun watching Cornette go off, right or wrong.
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  2. Yeah, thank god a genius like him his booking the worlds most successful wrestling promotion....wait a minute :pity2:
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  3. TNA is the world's most successful wrestling promotion?

  4. You misread my reply I used sarcasm. Let me break it down. He talks down every promotions booking as if he is the greatest booker on the planet. Yet he couldn't even cut the mustard at ROH.
  5. I lol @ current TNA as much as the next guy, but Cornette just seems bitter and butthurt. Seems like he's just making a gimmick out of his 'ranting' or what have you.

  6. lol he's never booked a fart after dinner
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  7. I got where you were coming from, I was just eager to use sarcasm myself.

    I do think he knocks WWE a bit too much and his constant complaining about "sports entertainment" is starting to grate on me. I would think he'd be happy to see a guy he worked with in ROH (Seth Rollins/Tyler Black) find success thus far in WWE, but he seems too bitter at times to appreciate anything they do.
  8. Well, Cornette probably hasn't watched WWE in years, so I'm not sure he knows what's going on. I did enjoy this rant very much though.
  9. Good ol' dumbass Jim Cornette. He thinks he's better than everybody else in pro wrestling, yet he is jobless and no Top 5 promotions want him anywhere near them, and even when he had job, the product he was booking was the worst ever.

    Russo > Cornette
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  10. I'm unsure whether his enthusiasm should be mistaken for insanity or not.
    His rants or humorous only because they have an empirical base.
    Cornette's Lesnar rant is absolutely legendary.
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  11. I could listen to him talk for hours, but it doesn't mean I trust his opinion or value him as a top tier executive to anything. He's hilarious and hates on everyone, but i've never heard him take blame for anything.
  12. Wait Christy Hemme is a part of the booking team?
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  13. Yes.
  14. Handys under the table.
  15. Well, surely she has to be doing something there.
  16. I wonder if they are hiring.
  17. Well, giving handies to Gaburick, Lagana, Conway and most likely Russo is a two-person job, you'd fit the bill.
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  18. I'd only have to give a handjob for employment? @Testify i'm coming for you ninja.
  19. If Hemme's there, as we've discussed, seems like that's the only necessary requirement. Not sure how Testify is related here, do you want to give him a handy as well?
  20. No, i need an assistant to give me one when i'm stressed out deciding if EY should be champ again or not.
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