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  1. “They’re pushing him down the folks’ throat. I mean, they’re pushing him too hard. It’s a different business nowadays. They just seem to be pushing him too hard. Take your time.”

    Thoughts on this guys?? Wondering on this forums take on Roman Reigns as the top guy in the company.
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  2. I like Reigns, but agree with what Duggan says here.
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  3. Everyone will agree he is being over pushed and has been for over a year now. It is sad because he could have been booked as a solid heel and been over by now. I loved having Seth as a heel but Roman should have been the priory turn if they wanted to build him.
  4. This.

    Not to mention they need to let the dude breathe a little bit. They're too hands-on with him and he often comes off like he's reading lines off a script while he's cutting promos.
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  5. It's nothing new, they did the same exact thing with Sheamus. He held just about everything only a little after he switched from ECW. He's rebounded, but whenever he wins something anymore it just doesn't mean anything. Ditto for Del Rio. WWE likes to push stuff until they stick, and Roman will. Eventually. But like Sheamus and Del Rio, they changed characters(although face Sheamus was meh). They also went through stints in the mid-card after their big pushes. Not saying Roman will need to do the same, but they're going to have to invest in him. And it will take time.
  6. I like Roman Reigns and I agree with Duggan.

    I've said this before and I'll say it again. The babyface push has been killed and pissed upon by the WWE. They have scarred fans from getting behind a babyface because they know that if it happens and the WWE likes it - it will spawn a nauseating 10-15 year babyface run that will result in the deaths of numerous pushes and careers. WWE did it to death with Hogan but they sent him off in a style that made fans want to see who will take out the man who ended the biggest babyface run, in history. They got behind Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels - both that had the merit and look of a new era.

    John Cena was initially really over. But the WWE produced movies, music albums and an extremely toy-like title. This was all in the same year of his initial push. Then he defended the title against people like Angle and Shawn Michaels. He was saturated to death. Then you carry on with this trend for another 10 years and you will see the affect. And instead of doing what wrestling promotions do when their guys get heat, by turning them heel. They keep him a babyface to keep the PR people happy.

    Hulk Hogan, who almost caused a riot in 1996 due to him turning heel. He continued to do charity work well into his heel run. He would go out the back door to sign autographs and take pictures. For a promotion that stuffs the "It's not real" argument down everyones throats when the cameras aren't rolling, they can't justify that Cena is playing a bad guy and not actually a bad guy? Stephanie McMahon is an uber-heel and she does charity work? It's a poor excuse to keep Cena's face push going because it's reeling in money.

    It's stupid. Unfortunately, Reigns has to face the shit that WWE has caused. It's no ones fault but theirs that people regurgitate at the sight of a white-meat babyface.
  7. He's right, but there's nothing wrong with that... They did the same thing with John Cena and look how that turned out, he's become the most polarizing figure in wrestling.. Expect the same thing with Roman Reigns
  8. There's nothing wrong with it, at least in-terms of money. There's a lot wrong with it when it comes to keeping their customers happy and helping the industry.
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    I agree with both of you, and I say... "Fuck you, Duggan." I don't know why he's speaking out about this NOW than, I dunno... when Sgt. Slaughter was feuding with him. It seemed like WWE favored Sgt. Slaughter than him.

    Man, don't be jealous. Fuck you.
    He doesn't. He's connected to The Rock, and the USO's. Roman will be just fine. They have a plan "A" and a plan "B" ready for any situation. Right now, Reigns is doing just fucking fine!

    Chill people...

  10. Dugan is 100% correct. He is being forced. It's feel unnatural.

    Reigns could easily be one of the biggest heels of all time, that I can assure you. But they're blowing it because Vince seems him as the next cena no matter how badly he sucks on the mic or doesn't go over with fans
  11. [​IMG]

    (I couldn't resist!!) Blame the Giphy plug in...

    I don't have a problem with him but the way he is being used right now is lame. I am sure the same thing was said about Cena when he first started out. Unless you are invested in the wrestler or a fan, you are likely going to complain about them no matter what happens.
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  12. No. I disagree. On everything. He's not really being forced. Did you even see last monday? Roman Reigns returned, and he's KICKING Triple H's candy fucking ass like no tomorrow. Me, personally, I gained not just respect to Reigns, but also I see him as the "badass." And I think that's what WWE/Vince McHanon wanted in the first place.

    Reigns right now is having a GREAT run, and Triple H is helping along Reigns run. I don't know if anyone realizes this, but I think the reason why HHH inserted himself in there is to push Reigns.

    Last monday was gorgeous. It made me want to watch Wrestlemania even if I have to pay $9.99 all over again. I want to see more! I want to see moreeeeeeee!

    Everyone went crazy when that happened!
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  13. Yeah he will do fine for the company but not too favorable with the fans.
  14. Then, don't! (Con't below.)
    He will be fine with fans. Trust me. Last Monday's "skit" if you call it that, Reigns stood up at the ramp, PISSED off like a mother fucker. And kicked Triple H's candy ass, and guess what? It gave Reigns character. It gave WWE an interesting angle to work with. I mean, how often do you see WWE allowing blood on-screen these fucking days!? Reigns will just be fine! He's being pushed as a fucking badass! C'mon people!
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  15. He's being pushed as a badass, yes. But the fans see through WWE's micromanaging. People know he's just another project, and with the WWE's micromanaging machine behind him, people can see right through the facade. He needs personality not a push. He needs to connect with the crowd, not through an angle, but through his character.

    Angles don't give wrestlers character. Their personality and overall demeanor do. Steve Austin wasn't made a bad-ass, he talked and acted his way there. WWE didn't have to stick that gimmick to him; he made it himself. The WWE didn't have to make The Rock a cocky suave; he was one and exemplified it. He crafted it himself. WWE didn't have to make Shawn Michaels the trouble making degenerate, he already was one. John Cena didn't have to be made into the rapping wigger that made him a star. He was always into rap and hip hop culture.

    All the greats in the industry become mega stars by their personality and not by how much micromanaging or what angle gets what reception. Roman Reigns feels artificial, and the constant badgering of the WWE to the fans to accept him, won't help. Let him do what he wants for a few weeks and allow the fans to see the personality behind Reigns.
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  16. Okay, so how do you think John Cena "worked" well? He WAS pushed when the climax was there. He stopped doing the rap stuff md-way through his career when he won a WWE Championship reign. Reigns was not really being pushed when Regins returned to WWE with that broken nose where he was bleeding like a mother fucker. I have not seen blood on WWE TV in ...10 years. No, not that much!
    Okay, I see what you mean. Although, WWE is a media company before a wrestling company, than anything else. Just remember that. So, if Vince wants to push Roman Reigns that far, then, let him. Eventually it will work. Trust me. It worked for The Rock, where he was a heel 90% of the time, whereas, Austin was the face. As soon as Austin left wrestling, The Rock inherited his (Austin) popularity. Sorry, but true. They were rivals, but in the end, Austin transferred his popularity to The Rock. Because of injuries, there's no real reason to contest this. It's the goddamn truth. Austin went heel for a reason. There are limitations to him. He knows or knew this.
  17. Show Spoiler

    Yeah he got over with the rap stuff. He was stripped from it in 2007. The WWE figured he didn't need an actual gimmick to keep him over, and decided to nix it. I never cared for his wrestling ability. He is athletic and can wrestle just fine. He isn't anything special.

    That is WWE's wet dream. They want their fans and the mainstream media to think that they are a media company. The only problem is that their main stream if income comes from wrestling. Their movies and books are based on wrestlers. They employ wrestlers. Their name is World Wrestling Entertainment. They're a wrestling company.

    That is completely different. The Rock was hella over. Roman Reigns isn't half as over. The Rock was booed to death much like Reigns was when he was being presented at the white meat babyface in '96 and '97. They realized that giving him a suave and cool gimmick would be better than pushing the "He's 3rd gen" marketing point. Yeah The Rock got a lot more over after Austin left, but that was because he was the same as Austin. It would be the same if Pepsi went out of business; their customers would go buy Coca-cola. That has nothing to do with how the WWE pushed him. He was genuinely over.
  18. Damn, out of Jim's mouth!
  19. People have been saying this for a while lol. Get with the times, old man. You're not saying anything news breaking.
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  20. I'll give you an A for effort and for being optimistic, but anyone can get cheered in a scenario where they're brutalizing triple h and in a huge brawl. It's the hype and feel for getting closer to mania. That's natural.

    Let's see how Roman gets cheered at mania. Lol. Triple h will blow him out of the water. It will be a joke.

    After one raw you're convinced that Roman is over with the fans...? I'm sorry but I'm not sure if he ever will be at this point. Not at the level they want him to be... Unless he's heel.
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