Jim Johnston: WWE HOFr?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Simple question, when Jim Johnston is finished do you think he belongs in the Hall? He is a vital part of WWE IMO and he should be in the hall of fame, recognized for his brilliance. Just think of all the themes he has come up with that are synonymous with a certain wrestler. SCSA's theme. DX's theme. Val Venis' theme. Triple H's "My Time" theme. Taker/Kane of course. Jericho. More recently you can look at someone like Fandango who has gotten a ton of recognition for the theme.

    so would you say he belongs in the Hall? He's got my vote
  2. Most definitely deserves a spot.
  3. The guy who made all of the legendary themes not going in the HOF? That doesn't sound right, he absolutely deserves a spot.
  4. It's not like the hof means anything so why not? I'm starting to think half of us deserve a spot for watching the shows.
  5. Good shout. Definitely deserves some more recognition.
  6. Definitely deserves a spot. He's created most all of the memorable themes in the WWF/E since the 80's. Working behind the scenes shouldn't be a factor in not going in either considering James Dudley (Vince McMahon's Sr's limo driver and confidante along with other things) was put in there almost entirely for that reason.
  7. Yes, for sure. Even if the HoF meant something he deserved to be in there.
  8. The man should be inducted into the Rock and roll HOF, let alone the WWe HOF. All the great music he's written over the past 3 decades is astonishing. I don't know if there is any other artist/band that has put out quality stuff time and time again over that length of time.
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