Jim Morrison

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  1. Holy shit Jim Morrison is fucking sexy. Jesus, when he was born, he must have blinded the doctor from his sexiness. I bet he got laid by the age of 10 with no problem. Jim Morrison is so fucking sexy, I would have invited him to my house to bang my wife, then over him some powerade for he can have the energy to plow her again. Morrison didn't die, he just became the God of Manly Beauty. Fucking sexy mother fucker.


    Look at that gaze, that's the gaze of a God.


    He was so Goddamn sexy, the cops had to fucking arrest him.


    Look at that, already in some action. God damn Morrison is getting it.

    Look at that, he can cover a song from a legendary blues artist with no fucking problem.

    Oh lawdy :phew:

    10/10 Sexiness. Close the door humanity, it's over.
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  2. Meh. I'll pass.
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  3. Sexy ass voice.
  4. He's so sexy, he made KLock write only one lined post instead of a para. Fucking impressive GOAT.
  5. yes jim was a god but the rest of the band deserve more credit for their great musicianship. robby krieger is one of my fave guitarists.
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