Jim Ross Blog: NXT Feedback, WWE ’13, 1000th Episode Of RAW

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Jun 24, 2012.

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  2. JR is the greatest announcer of all time. It can't be debated, and this confirms it even more. The idea of using commentary to help get the talents in the ring over and enhance the viewing experience... it's a shame that those idiots on Raw can't just do that.
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  3. JR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I like JR, but I don't like how people instantly ride his dick on the mention of something good.

    "This just in JR gave a homeless guy 300 dollars."
    "JR is the greatest commentator of all time."

    "This just in JR flashed his ass in public."
    "Wow, JR is my favorite, such a humantarian."
  5. It's all opinion, but for me, JR is definitely the best announcer ever. No one else can call the matches and carry the drama in such a way that he makes you feel like the match is real, even though we all know it's a work. Just go back and watch him calling a match like Undertaker/Mankind at the '98 KOTR for a prime example. Or watch how into it he gets when Austin is turning heel at WM-X7.

    I also can't imagine how stupid JR would have found it if he were asked (as the announcers today are, apparently) to pretend that he's holding back laughter when a comedy segment is going on.
  6. JR is the best announcer ever. Great voice, and just puts so much emotion and effort when calling matches. He makes it about the wrestlers. He makes epic segments that much better. I'm glad that he's in WWE '13, really liked the new NXT with his commentary alongside Regal and hope he's a part of Raw 1000.
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