Jim Ross Blogs: Brock Lesnar's Return, 'Taker/HHH/HBK, More

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. Jim Ross has another new blog up. Highlights are below.

    On Brock Lesnar: "I find it odd that many fans can't understand why Brock Lesnar came back to WWE after retiring from MMA competition. I always thought that Brock would return to WWE but the timing of his return did somewhat surprise me. Lesnar is a businessman, a competitive athlete and knows a potential, golden opportunity when he sees one. 'The Next Big Thing' returns to WWE a little older, although he is still young, and likely wiser this go around which makes the former NCAA National Champion and WWE Champion that much more dangerous. Goal driven athletes generally push themselves harder than anyone else ever could and Lesnar is not one to accept a role of being 'o.k.' when being great is possible."

    On Undertaker, Triple H, and HBK: "I don't have a crystal ball but I'd be surprised to see HHH, @ShawnMichaels and the Undertaker, all together, ever being in the ring as participants at a WrestleMania or any other WWE event ever again. The final chapter of an amazing book was seemingly written and the book closed on Sunday in Miami."

    On the WWE Title picture: "The WWE Title picture certainly became even more interesting Monday night when reigning Champion @CMPunk found himself with a bull's eye on his chest not only from the challenge last week of Mark Henry but also from the renewed pursuit of Chris Jericho @IAmJericho, @TheRock who said that he would be WWE Champion again, @JohnCena who always has his sights set on the top prize in WWE plus Brock Lesnar who certainly feels that he is the alpha male in WWE but to validate such must be WWE Champion."

  2. JR's blog always entertains me.
  3. They entertain me, too. They're a great read he's actually entertaining on commentary and at blogging.
  4. Indeed. Allways loved him on commentary, although he wasn't really exploding at WM like he used to do.
  5. He's a knowledgeable guy naturally. Though he does defend every single wrestler constantly on his blogs so don't take all of the crap. I agree with his point on HHH, HBK and Taker, I don't think they'll go back down that road again. Taker will face Rock, Lesnar or Cena next year I feel. I think they're going to drop the bomb and not feed him to a younger talent because he isn't "big enough", which is stupid. He doesn't have to lose to put a guy over.

    I didn't view the WWE picture that way, but Punk having competition from Jericho, Rock, Brock, Cena and Henry will certainly result in good viewing, especially for Punk marks. He'll bring it to the table then don't you worry.

    I also said the same on Brock Lesnar returning, all be it I thought it'd be WM 29 but it was almost certainly going to happen eventually.
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