Jim Ross doesn't think AEW is competition for the WWE


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Jim Ross recently gave his views about whether All Elite Wrestling is competition to the WWE. Here is what good ol' J.R. had to say: "WWE’s got such a long head-start on everybody. They’ve got that global footprint. It’s a publicly-traded company. They’ve got huge money from these TV deals. Nobody’s gonna catch WWE, and that should not be anybody’s goal."

Does JR have a point? A lot of wrestling fans are waiting in anticipation when AEW will premiere but is it expecting too much for a fledgling company to be a serious competitor to the WWE?
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Grievous 3D

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Its not about "beating" the WWE...

Its about putting on a solid wrestling product that
serves as a viable alternative for the people who
want it.

AEW may not reach the same "numbers" as the
WWE...BUT I already believe the AEW are doing
a better job of storytelling & protecting the talent
that needs protecting.

The AEW have a group of incredibly talented
young guys who they can build the company
around...and the fact they don't have a bunch
of old has-beens hanging around also helps.

And for the record Dustin Runnels doesn't
count as a has-been because he can still
go in the ring...see Double or Nothing for
proof of this.
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The Sheik

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I rarely hear fans talk about AEW being competition for WWE. They just want something different, an alternative to the sack of shit they produce on Monday and Tuesday nights.

They haven't even aired on TNT yet.. They might not even last until 2020, we don't know what it's going to be like.

Jacob Peabody

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A lot of people forget that WCW was a fledgling company when they first went up against WWE. People seem often to be under the misconception that WCW was the NWA. And it was not. Ted Turner purchased contracts and licenses from Jim Crockett Promotions. WCW did not exist before 1988. And they were never seen a serious competitor to WWE. The first four years of their existence was absolute garbage. It wasn't until they began airing a live show on TNT that they began doing better. And even then, everyone thought they were crazy.

The AEW situation is not really all that different. It's a new promotion. WCW did inherit all of JCP's talents, BUT that's really different than AEW starting out with some really well known former WWE wrestlers. Like WCW, they have the financial resources. There is no way that Tony Khan, the Young Bucks or Cody are as inept as Jim Herd was. So they have a small leg up on WCW. Better management.

AEW, however, has one big advantage that WCW did not have. Eric Bischoff was obsessed with Vince McMahon. He didn't just try to make WCW good. He wanted to end WWE. I guarantee you, none of the brass in AEW have that goal. Would they be happy if they overcame WWE? Of course. Are they going in with that mindset? I doubt it. They are even trying to avoid direct competition by having events on different days. Already, smarter than WCW.

WWE is HUGE. But so was AT&T and it was broken up. What happened to Blockbuster video? From 1927 to 1991, Pan Am was the unquestioned top airline in the WORLD. No one else came close. They don't exist anymore. And they were all MUCH bigger than WWE has ever been.

I think JR is completely wrong. I am not claiming that AEW will overcome WWE by any stretch. Just that anyone who thinks it cannot be done is wrong.
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