Jim Ross on Monday's RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by posiimage, Sep 13, 2014.

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  1. The following are highlights of the latest blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

    On Monday's RAW: "Thought Paul Heyman and John Cena were the stars of Raw Monday night. Great verbal interaction that felt organic ie not over scripted."

    "Over scripting pro wrestling promos takes a chunk out of the uniqueness of the business that drew many of us to the genre."

    "The cage match was good but being able to escape the cage to win has never set that well with me. Hope Bray Wyatt can get back on a roll. Face Wyatt vs heel Lesnar interests me down the road."

    "The Reigns vs Orton match was solid and inserted more possible opponents to help WWE continue to build Reigns heading toward bigger& better things. Reigns needs to add a few new wrinkles to his offense sooner than later."

    "Great to see the NXT talents on Raw. Very strategic booking. It's WAY better for NXT talent to stay where they are until WWE has a plan for introducing each of them & a 6 month plan in place. To be able to work at NXT was a honor for me."

    "The Jerry Springer skit was lots of sizzle and made better promo material than actual execution."
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  2. Nice, i'm a huge fan of JR...but so is everyone.
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  3. If only they'd fire that worthless piece of crap called Lawler that thinks he's a commentator... Come on, bring JR back!
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  4. My dream commentary team is J.R, Renee Young and William Regal.

    Replace JBL, Cole, And Jerry and let them three on the table!

    Back on topic! YES FOR J.R!!!!
  5. Agree with him on mostly everything. Giving people scripts and having "escape the cage" finishes just suck.
  6. Damn right. Enough robotic promos, lets see some guys show a little personality! Hell, when these scripts are leaked the best parts of promos usually aren't on them.

    *nods* The word "wrinkles" is perfect.

    Absolutely, 100% yes. We don't need any more Xavier Woods' running around. There's so many reasons to keep 'em down there, guys like Neville and Zayn are draws for the Network, there's no real spot for them on Raw, and we sure as hell don't want any of these guys around the RAW Creative Team.
  7. I've never had a problem with the escape rules of a cage match. I do think being able to escape through the door is way too easy and convenient as opposed to having to climb out over the top, but otherwise I love the dramatic moments associated with trying to escape. It's allowed for some pretty inventive endings to cage matches before as well (like Hogan vs Orndorff on SNME back in '86, or JBL vs Big Show from No Way Out '05.)

    I agree on pretty much everything else, especially in regards to promos. Promos always feel much more bona fide and 'real' when guys are allowed to
    generate their own content rather than just being handed a script and being told to memorize it. The same is true (as the Attitude Era proved) when guys are allowed to implement their own ideas for characters and merchandise as well.
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  8. Jim Ross is retired :/ best commentator out there though
  9. I want JR to come back :upset:
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  10. I pretty much agree with everything JR said.
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