Jim Ross on Paige: ''20 Year Olds Don’t Belong on the Main Roster”

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    A fan tweeted to Jim Ross about him disrespecting Paige in a Q&A session but Jim Ross denied this in a tweet back to the fan. All information is in the above link.

    In my opinion on this situation age shouldnt matter as Paige is fucking awesome she has been wrestling since 13 years old, she wrestled in her family business and wrestled on the indys and now shes in WWE and has been apart of the company since late 2011 as thats when she was signed she is now ready for the main roster but clearly WWE want to keep her in NXT to develop more. I hope they dont hold her back for to long as she is talented and she shouldnt be wasted. Also let me remind you that Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly was signed at 19 and put on the main roster straight away at 19 and look at how her career went she became the top diva of the company and she proved models can be wrestlers. So Jim Ross saying ''shes excellent just 20'' is bullshit as age shouldnt be a factor
  2. Jim Ross is right with this one, Ross is a very wise man in the wrestling world, You can rant all you want but she isnt ready. Plus she has only been there since 2012, She needs more time.

    And here we go with the slut in this thread, Kelly fucking Kelly. Kelly is a shit model, She looks like a dog. She is an even worse wrestler, You can make it to teh top but that doesnt mean you can wrestle *Cough Hogan, Bo Dallas and Kelly Kelly *Cough*
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  3. Her 21st birthday's less than a month away.
  4. Paige hasn't been wrestling since she was 13. She has trained in it yes but she's only been wrestling for a few years.

    History says bringing people up to the main roster early ends badly. Jeff Hardy is a recovering drug addict, same with René Dupree. Kenny Dykstra had horrible attitude problems, Kelly Kelly slept with half the roster and drank her ass off (She's apparently the reason for this 21 and above rule, she got in too much problem with irresponsible drinking) and Orton was said to be hell to be around. Plus the organizational issues with a youngling who cannot rent cars or hotel rooms at proper prices or be responsible for their own consumption of alcohol by law. I fully understand what WWE is doing and I support it.

    She's only just about to turn 21. Its not like she's turning 41. I'd rather her have 1 more year in NXT to sharpen her skills and then be brought up with a plan, than be brought up now when she still needs work and there is no room for her.
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  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but was Jim Ross on the Kenny Dykstra bandwagon when Kenny first debuted? I could've swore I saw an article on it.
  6. As much as I like Paige I think it would benefit her if she stayed down in NXT for a little while longer. Like Alkaline said, you don't want to be bringing them up too young because look what happened to people like Kenny Dykstra and Kelly Kelly.
  7. People can learn from experience I guess. The negatives of bringing someone up early when they are young have hit them in the face enough times.
  8. AJ's like 12
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    Obviously her mom is backstage with her and makes sure she gets in bed on time and has her 3 meals a day.
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  10. I think she needs some more time, but she'd be a great new diva. Maybe a Paige/AJ feud can be something great imo
  11. Give time to Paige, she has all the time in the world to become the Diva of the company. God damnit. I'm gettin tired of this. Who care if Paige is called up if know there's Kaitlyn vs AJ and nothing else going on. Give her time. She will shine. Ross is right
  12. You have a 12 years old girl on your signature...with a nigga eating chicken Pedo
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  13. 12? Sounds good enough to me
  14. Paige has been wrestling since 13 years old shes said it herself. And since she's turning 21 next month I hope she will get to be on the main roster
  15. She's been training since she was 13 and she only half assed it up until she turned 17. Do your homework.
  16. She's only 20 years old, she'll have plenty of time to make it the main roster. Give her some more time in NXT, it will do anything but hurt her. It'll give her time to work on her character more, and to have creative set up a good storyline for her in WWE. Patience is the key to everything, and it's one of many aspects the general IWC do not have. Just give her time, there's no need to rush, she's young and very talented, the last thing we need is to rush someone talented into the main roster before they mature and gives them more of a chance to screw up their career from the backstage scene.
  17. This.
  18. JR's latest blog. Speaking the truth.
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  19. inb4 BLFFL ignores this and keeps ranting about Paige.
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