Jim Ross Response to Kevin Nash's Remarks

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Aug 8, 2012.

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  2. RE: List of Responses to Kevin Nash's Remarks

  3. I f*cked up.
  4. I see lol, J.R is always so diplomatic, he never has a bad word to say about anyone.
  5. Meh, typical JR. I disagree but most of my disagreement will be praise for the guy who said the most retarded thing ever.
  6. Very respectful man :burns:
  7. Kevin Nash is one of the worst in-ring performers in history, he's nothing to be associated with wrestling thats good. I agree that since Benoit and Guerrero's title/life ended WWE has go down the pan in a way that can only be described as rapidly, but still - its not a good point at all the sub a certain weight wrestlers are terrible.
  8. But in what way can the decline of the product be blamed on Benoit and Guerrerro. because lets be honest. The era of 2003-2009 was some of the best years WWE has had quality vice, the Ruthless Aggression era was the best era in my opinion, logical and smart bookings unlike those so often seen in the Attitude Era but better in ring action than what we have seen up until around Wrestlemania time this year. Best of both worlds.
  9. Saddler means that since they've GONE the product has been on the decline, he didn't actually agree with Nash's statements that wrestling died when they WON the titles.
  10. As Crayo has pointed out, Im not blaming them winning the title for the decline. I personally mean that their title runs was the last time that WWE as a whole company was interesting. I have to disagree with the 2003-2009 period though 2003 was very good, 2004 with Evolution was good, 2005 Smackdown had declined into nothingness, 2006 was okay with DX v The Mcmahons, but from 2006-2011 the product was lifeless absolutely terrible. It picked up mid last year, but has fallen away this year since WM. Shame really, as there's threatened to be a good couple of storylines.
  11. Yes but I have a follow up to my previous statement which will clear things up. Nowhere did I say that I think Saddler agrees with Nash.

    The decline of the interest in wrestling has nothing to do with the size of the stars, if so then TNA should have raked in ratings and money when they had both Nash and Hogan. Rather it is the fact that wrestling, like so many other things, have periods of cultural relevancy and un-relevancy. Wrestling is currently in such a slouch. These usually stretch over a period of ten years. The 90's were great for wrestling, the 00's saw a decline (yet not steep enough to kill the business I don't think that will ever happen.) We are now seeing wrestling becoming more mainstream and relevant again with the amount of celebrities actually willing to appear on wrestling shows and the connections it is making in our current popular media. Everything moves in cycles.
  12. To be fair, Nash and Hogan are washed up old stars with nothing new to offer. That's why they had no positive effect in TNA. Not to mention a lot of the casuals aren't aware of TNA, or don't believe in them enough to care about who goes there.

    Wrestling does go in cycles, but I wouldn't put it down to mostly just that. Size isn't everything but it matters.
  13. is there anything JR doesn't have an opinion on?
  14. Lmao I was waiting for someone to say this. Most of the stuff that comes out of his mouth makes sense though.
  16. RE: List of Responses to Kevin Nash's Remarks

    i love your sig
  17. It's indeed funny how JR always makes sense but never picks a size or criticizes anyone.
  18. He always so respectful :gusta:
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