News Jim Ross to do Wrestle Kingdom 9

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Nov 12, 2014.

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  1. So for those not in the know: Wrestle Kingdom is New Japan's biggest show of the year, held every year on January 4 in the Tokyo dome and with a crowd of about 35-45 thousand people (and in years past around the 60-70k mark).

    For the 2015 edition, New Japan has partnered with Jeff Jarrett to get the show broadcast on PPV in the states. And Jarrett signed the ultimate company man, Jim Ross, to do the play by play for the American broadcast.

    What are your thoughts? If you don't watch Japanese wrestling, would this increase the chances of you watching?

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  2. Like I said in the other thread, I hope niconico accepts my card again, that's my priority - to catch the original version. Good ole JR deserves a chance, though, I'll check him on a rewatch.

    My biggest concern is that he looks like he's not suited for Japanese wrestling in general, culture and stuff. I think he'll cringe at Makabe/Ishii and Saku/MiSu. He's also not too familiar with the angles no matter what he says. Yesterday you had Meltzer joking about Iizuka going after him, and Ross had no idea what was he talking about.
  3. I'd pay for Lizuka going after Ross on PPV tbh :dawg:

    Vince would be proud of Lizuka
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  4. Jim Ross to do Wrestle Kingdom 9? :yes:
    I'll be watchin' for sure!
  5. Lizuka to draw Vince's stroke face on JR's BBQ belly pls.

  6. Really enjoyed the Shelley one of these hype vids
  7. It doesn't really increase my chances of watching it however I still will watch it.
  8. All we need is a segment degrading JR and Vince will be running to cash in on a working deal with NJ. Honestly, I was already pumped, but the return of good 'ole JR will make that much sweeter.
  9. Huh, good for JR getting some more work but I don't know how well he'll fit in. I never seen it before but I would be more intrigued with JR as the main commentator for the show. I won't be buying any PPVs or anything but if I got a recording/link of it at a later date I might check it out.
  10. JR on the Observer interview pretty much said their priority is to angle more towards the new fan than the current fan, and pretty much already apologized to the hardcore fan for it already.
  11. Good. Because I'm not really interested in Japanese wrestling. I like wrestling, but not that hardcore.
  12. That's quite alright.

    I'm positive I'd watch Japanese wrestling more regularly if there were American/English commentators. So, Wrestle Kingdom 9 is a must see for me! Especially knowing that JR's gonna do it, plus the card looks darn sweet!
  13. Damn, I've gotta find a replay of this.
  14. I can hook you up if you want to.
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  15. He was marking big time for the match. He loves his Brody/Hansen and that's all he compared it to in this match.
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  16. Haha, that's good then.
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