Jim Ross's BBQ Blog thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Nov 9, 2013.

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  1. Updates from Jim Ross's blog will be posted here in this thread. This update is from 11/8/13:

    Link: http://www.jrsbarbq.com/blog/friday...s-one-man-show-producing-tv-rasslin-order-jrs
  2. Subbing to this for sure. His blog has been great ever since he was released.
    Kinda feels like you're reading a really intelligent internet fan, except... ya know, he's actually one of the most respected minds in the business. Nice to feel validated like that. :smug:

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  3. Smart-mark confirmed.

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  4. Wish he'd post his opinions here. He'd get likes for days.
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  5. Update from his blog for 11/10/2013:

    Link for confirmation: http://www.jrsbarbq.com/blog/sunday-ramblings-ufc-fight-night-bama-fsu-incognito-benoit-hbk-davyboy
  6. Forgot I had this thread :cry: Sorry :upset:

    This is is latest update from yesterday :sad:
    Link: http://www.jrsbarbq.com/blog/jrs-memories-late-eddie-guerrero1967-2005
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