Jinder Mahal Slammy

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Legend Viper Randy Orton, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Im Gonna tell to those who cannot Understand Punjabi.

    Jinder Mahal comes along the Ramp.

    He Says,
    A Big Show Tonight without Me.Not Possible.I want a Slammy Award.
  2. I actually don't mind Mahal. He's decent on the mic when he's speaking English, he has a good presence and build about him. Don't know too much about how good he is at actually wrestling though.
  3. I like the way he carries himself, like a star and I class him as above average on the mic. However his timing seems to be really off so he ends up making the moves look really bad.
  4. Yeah, perhaps that's why he's jobbing atm. They seem to care more about lack of wrestling ability a lot more than they used to.
  5. I don't think they're more interested per say but they're rushing guys too early and paying for it. It's not like people can cover up this greenness it's too much if that makes sense.
  6. Dunno they gave Mason Ryan the big push, but that's been completely stopped. Perhaps because of how green he is aswell. Same with Riley.
  7. Jinder, Riley and Ryan all had pretty big initial pushes then just disappeared it could be coincidence or it could be correlation I'm unsure lol.
  8. Well it's certain Riley was de-pushed for being a risk in the ring lol. Mason just puts on boring matches and is so green, but I've not seen Mahal. Did he rise from FCW?
  9. He signed in early 2010 so why the felt he was ready after a year I don't know :S. Unless they were going for a Muhammed Hassan effect.

    Bonus seabs opinion : I always like Hassan he was a heat magnet and really good in the ring.
  10. God, they really do need to stop the push to SmackDown/RAW for brand new stars.