News Joan Rivers Passes Away

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Roadster, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. Joan Rivers has died at the age of 81.

    She died today, one week after arriving at a New York City hospital last Thursday.

    "It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my mother, Joan Rivers. She passed peacefully at 1:17 pm surrounded by family and close friends," her daughter Melissa Rivers said in a statement to ABC News.

  2. R.I.P. Joan Rivers


    One of her last interviews... very funny!
  3. Another great comedian, gone.
    May she rest in peace.
  4. Didn't this happened due to a botched surgery? If so, that doctor better be prepared to bend over.
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  5. It wasn't a botched surgery.. her body could not handle the stress of the surgery, stop functioning, and slipped into a coma. There were no signs that she could not have handled the surgery.. it just happened.
  6. Cardiac Arrest.
  7. RIP, she was having a procedure on her vocal cords last week and became unconscious due to cardiac arrest, they had her on life support until today when she died..
    The clinic where she was scheduled to have the procedure is under review, not quite having a full investigation launch just yet though.
  8. I keep thinking you're Just Kevin.

    At least she lived a long life, 81 years old.
  9. I'm amazed she made it this far based on how much she did to alter her body throughout her life, plastic surgery was like a straight obsession to her.
  10. Yeah, she seems like a completely different person before her surgeries.

    Before and After (open)


  11. Just the other week she said the people of Gaza deserved to die and at least it was the ones with low IQ that were killed.

    I think that's all I need to say here.

    Edit: and then reiterated a few days later that she stood by what she said.
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  12. Damn, she said that. :silva:
  13. Yep she did.
  14. You don't deserve to die based on your opinion, no matter how dumb it may sound.
  15. Is it just me that's thinking about what's gonna happen to Fashion Police.
  16. Yes.
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  17. Whilst I agree, my point was more "this is how much I care that she died" after voicing such moronic comments.
  18. Fair enough sir.
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  19. How long was she in the coma?

    Also, this reminds me of Michael Jackson's death
  20. Just over 24 hours before she crashed for good.

    @Delik I respect your opinion.. and I agree with you about what she said was wrong.. But before she started going crazy and talking on Gaza and calling Obama gay and Michelle a tranny, she actually made huge strides for women in show business... breaking through a lot of barriers that kept female comedians from advancing to the level of males. Everybody has done good in their life and everyone has done bad... I, myself, after a person passes, tend to look at the good they've done and try to forgive them of the bad because it makes no sense to dwell on it anymore, the things she said won't carry on to affect the world in a negative way unless we keep being reminded of them.
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