Joe Flacco is about to cake---- harder than anyone in league history

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 1, 2013.

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  2. He in no way deserves to be the highest paid player. A raise for sure, but this is ridiculous.
  3. NFL Contracts are all about timing. He just so happens to be a FA when his value is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too high.
  4. They can't mortgage their future on a slightly above average QB. With Lewis gone, and Reed not far behind, they're going to need some big bucks to try and fill those gaps.
  5. Brady just took a pay cut no? He shouldn't make more than the golden boy.

    but will
  6. I agree, but think of the outcry from Ravens fans if they let him walk. It's a lose/lose really.
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  7. 6 years, 120.6 mil? Damn! Biscotti's gotta be pissed that he didn't get this deal done last year. Wonder if he was ready to move on before Joe went into F-U mode in the postseason?

    Obviously thrilled they got this done, he deserves most of the pennies of it. It keeps the Ravens from having to trot out Matt Moore, Nick Foles, or Matt Barkley to follow up his epic Super Bowl performance. Boy would that be a disaster.

    Sucks they've gotta cut a bunch of players now to make room for this.
  8. This is absolutely ridiculous. There's no way in hell that he is worth that much money :lol1:
  9. They really captured lightning in a bottle in 2012, but that team won't go anywhere IMO losing Lewis/Reed + having to pay Flacco 20 mill per. How can you build a winning team when 1/10 of your salary cap is devoted to paying a player average for his position?
  10. Can't believe this one of all teams could do it.

    Not really sure how well Flacco will play this season. Yeah there was the Ray Lewis factor and him being a playoff QB, but they also FINALLY dumped Cameron on his ass too. Flacco seems much more comfortable in Caldwell's system.

    It sounds crazy, but losing Lewis and Reed isn't really that big of a deal imo. Lewis has clearly lost a step and was mediocre this year, whereas a great safety's hardly a necessity. They'll get Minter, Ogletree, or Te'o in the draft and find a solid safety later.

    Worried about all the guys who are gonna get cut to make room for this. Boldin's probably the first to go, Leach and Yanda next. Ugh, it's gonna be a mess. No way they repeat, but don't see why they shouldn't be able to have a winning season.
  11. How many quarterbacks do you guys put above flacco? I think he deserved big money just not the biggest contract.
  12. Reed and Lewis aren't the players they once were, but losing two leaders and pillars of your team for the last decade is going to hurt in more ways than one. Besides losing those two they just don't have the tons of talent on D they used to. Ngata is a beast. Sizzle is aging and seems to have troubles staying healthy. Webb coming off an ACL. Kruger is OK. They have some other OK pieces, but they aren't what they used to be on D and losing those two will only hurt it more.

    If I had to start listing them off the top of my head (not in order, just guys I rank ahead of Flaccid) ... 1.) Rodgers 2.) Brady 3.) Manning 4.) Manning 5.) Ben 6.) RGIII 7.) Luck 8.) Russell Wilson 9.) Kaepernick 10.) Brees 11.) Cam Newton 12.) Cutler

    I'd throw Flacco in the same class as Stafford, Ryan, Schaub, Rivers ect
  13. Yeah, that sounds good. I would rank brees a little higher but that's all.
  14. Brees is stop 5. I wasn't putting those guys in order, just as they came to mind. I only numbered them to see how many guys in total I would put definitively ahead of Flacco.

    Some are borderline choices at this point, especially the young guys, but when I factor in upside it's not even close.
  15. I agree with every word of this.

    The main thing you can say about Flacco right now is that he's the anti-Romo, you can trust the dude to win you a game. On that list of QB's I'd put him above Cam and way above Cutler, the rest is fine.
  16. Cutler is an enigma. I love his talent and there are times he looks elite. He never has a real offensive line in front of him and he's had retards for OCs in Chicago. I just feel like if I were running a good team with a good line and nice WRs that Cutler would look like a damn Hall of Famer.

    I will give Flacco credit for his clutchness. And balls. Still, a few lucky passes on a SB run doesn't mean I'm going to start overrating him. He should give Jacoby JOnes like half of his signing bonus when he gets it.
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  17. ^exactly the future in Baltimore doesn't look very bright. I think he'll be cut in 2 years.
  18. Cutler is talented but how many fucks does he give? Lol dude is in his own little world.
  19. Agreed. I was worried when he came to CHI a few years back, after watching him in college and seeing what he can really do. I love to hate on the guy, but he flashes signs of greatness yearly. My only issue is he seems to choke on the big games, but dude is emotional, and that will cause issues.
  20. -ProFootballTalk

    They definitely set this up with Joe, this is gonna be restructured in 3 years. No way he gets that.

    3 years 36.15 mil seems fair.
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