ICW Joe Hendry Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Mike Thunder, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Appreciate this man!

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    [​IMG]You're getting battered by Joe Hendry!

    @Geek773 @SupaHeeroh @anyone
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  2. My theme song for life
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  5. Also, these ones are fucking underrated.

    While this one is very possibly the best of them all:

    I love Joe Hendry. Future WWE Champion and damn right too.
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  6. I don't really feel like Hendry would be used well in WWE. Joe wouldn't be able to do most of his theme songs because the company probably won't let him
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  7. He may not be, but when he's done on the indies he certainly deserves to go to WWE and make his money and have his moments. Plus, since the entrances are so popular he'd probably be allowed to keep them in some toned down form, even if they were just funny things and not about his opponents. And, he's not a one-trick pony, he's so charismatic that he'd get very over with or without them. I think he'd probably do OK tbh.
  8. I can guarantee you that he would be used as a comedy act.
  9. He may well be, but then he'd become super over and very possibly do a D-Bry. Either that or he'd do a Sandow, but we can hope.

  10. I'll give the man credit, I love his entrances.
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  12. WCPW FINALLY uploaded this. Made my day yesterday.

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  13. So um... Hendry turned heel at True Destiny... on Kurt fucking Angle...

    BABYFACE LOCAL HERO, I'M GOING TO MISS YOU. :emoji_slight_frown:
  14. Assuming the WC guys are doing a long term angle (pun not intended) then I think it will be Joe Hendry vs Kurt Angle II in Orlando with Hendry picking up a win.
  15. Oooh... he's said last UK match but Orlando is a possibility. Although I doubt he competes again after going into the HOF...
  16. .....i dont think u realise how triggered i am after reading this post
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  17. Hendry is better as a heel as he can be more cocky, a tad like The Miz.
  18. Man is more than a singer, lads, he's actually an amateur wrestling champion too (silver medal at a UK tourney)! To think he's only 25 when he started all this (he's only 5 years in the 'biz), it's just clear that his future is so bright, WWE or otherwise.

    Liking him as a heel better as a face, IMO, and the best parody that he did was the one with Joseph Conners.
  19. Agreed on his disposition, very clear imo that being a heel plays more to his strengths (and the fact that he got so over as a face despite that is further testament to him). The fact that he's such a high standard amateur guy and such a charismatic pro wrestler and great singer and he was a part of some fashion thing in Milan.... man has eggs in loads of baskets and they're big ass eggs. Such a bright future, imo he's a WWE-type guy if ever I saw one, they're massively into charisma which is Hendry's biggest strength. Only being 5 years into pro wrestling means his ring work will come on even more with time too, which he gets a lot of criticism for.
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