Joe Lanza from Voices of Wrestlings tweets some story is about to drop - speculate away

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 28, 2016.

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  1. He also posted this :
    Seems the Tweet I made from my personal account has caused quite the stir. I will address it here, and then never address it again.

    I am not a journalist and have never claimed to be. I do a podcast, write reviews, and a few times per year when the situation is right, our site or our podcast will break the occasional news story (the infamous Dixie email, Steen signing with WWE, Ibushi to EVOLVE/Kaiju, Candice/GFW no show drama, PWS stuff, the end of DGUSA, etc). We are not and have never claimed to be a news site. Tons of hard news & rumors finds our DM box that we choose to sit on, and there are people reading this right now who know full well that we (myself & Rich) sit on TONS of "scoops", especially when specifically asked not to speak about it. If we wanted to be a news site or hunt for cheap clicks, we could very easily do so.

    The story I Tweeted about has been cooking for months, and somehow stayed quiet. It is now making the rounds, and being hinted about publicly. I am not going to break it. I have no interest in breaking it for a variety of reasons. It would drive CLICKS for sure, but it isn't my place to report it and it isn't what we do here. My belief is that it will come out soon because the person has enemies (to be fair, who doesn't?) who will find a some pleasure in outing it. That won't be me.

    People are running wild with it on places like Wreddit. Your mileage on the word "major" may vary. I feel like it's a major story because it involves someone who works full time in the wrestling business and reputation(s?) will be ruined. Some may not consider it a "major" story.

    There are people who will read this who are aware of the situation. This is not me asking them to back me up or to out themselves. In fact, I prefer that they don't confirm or break it here, because I want no connection to this for a number of reasons. I may have underestimated the power of Twitter or my own reputation as a news source in peoples eyes when I made the Tweet. I made it from my personal account, and figured my friends would see it and didn't think it would cause much of a stir. That was stupid, but at this point it's whatever, because the toothpaste cant be put back in the tube.

    I won't ever speak about it again. If/when (more like when) it comes out, I'm not going to claim to have broken it, or confirm it as being what I was talking about or anything like that. I made the Tweet, I have to own that, but I want nothing to do with actually breaking the news or claiming I instigated it breaking. If I was interested in that, I'd simply write the story and publish it here.

    So that's that. Sorry for working everybody up. And I said this on Twitter, but I'll say it here too. If you followed me based on that tweet, you are welcomed to stick around, but I am never tweeting a follow up and I almost never tweet about wrestling. That account is extremely boring unless you like college basketball and Reds baseball. Might as well unfollow. I wasn't looking for cheap Twitter follows.

    My Tweet - Voices of Wrestling

    It's been speculated on Reddit here According to Joe Lanza of VoW "A major wrestling related story that has hidden beneath the surface is starting to poke its head out of the water,and is going to break soon." • /r/SquaredCircle which could be worth following if anyone is interested (this is where I've found the above information)

    It could be a nothing story but it's interesting to speculate.

    The only other link to Lanza breaking a story is this from a year ago Independent Wrestler Silver Ant's Identity Revealed no idea if it's that or something else.
  2. Joe also broke Ibushi working Kaiju Big Battel mania weekend. I frequent the voices of wrestling forum when not on here and Joe is to my experience a very chill guy.

    As for what this might be: Rumors circulate of it being everything from Daniel Bryan not being as healthy as previously mentioned to WWE protecting someone on their roster who has done something bad and WWE is trying to cover it up (like, real bad)
  3. :woo1: to wrestle :hogan: again in the main event of WM.
  4. I've read speculation from illegitimate children to a Flair rape claim via Vince being involved in the Snuka case. A slanderous claim was made that Sami Zayn is El Generico which I'd hope the lawyers are attacking as soon as possible.

    edit- Bloody Giphy has let me down.
  5. I hope its John Cena and Nikki Bella are getting married. That would be groundbreaking
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Since this is wrestling, and we know how that business has operated historically. And illegitimate child shouldn't even count as "major news".

    Worst case scenario: Someone on the roster diddles kids.

    I read on twitter, so this is just that, a twitter rumor. That someone was caught sexting someone they should not be sexting (not clear if it was or wasn't a minor).
  8. It wouldn't surprise me if it was Lawler in that case.
  9. He has stood trial for it before, so he has the history.

    But let's not go full on Jimmy Saville case here. For the banter, let's go through the roster and see who looks the most like a diddler
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  10. Vince helping cover up Snuka's murder?
  11. Big E.
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  12. If it is that then they really mean it when they say it has been brewing for a while. Good god if Vince goes to court for that now
  13. "People are running wild with it on places like Wreddit. Your mileage on the word "major" may vary. I feel like it's a major story because it involves someone who works full time in the wrestling business and reputation(s?) will be ruined. Some may not consider it a "major" story."

    That would always be a major story wouldn't it? A lot of the things speculated don't seem to not be classed as major stories however so who knows?
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  14. :bray:
  15. Another rumour which was floating around is Finn Balor being bi-sexual. I could see that fitting in with the whole not a big deal to most people aspect.
  16. He did so back in the 80's. Not sure about now.
  17. As far as I know he isn't yet, this "news" could be Vince being involved in the investigation.
  18. yeah i wouldn't care.

    seems like it might be a big star so probably Bryan. He did cancel his appearances.
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