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One of several alleged incidents involving CazXL, fka Big Cass, at the WrestlePro show in Rahway, New Jersey last night (Sat., Sept. 14) was a confrontation with AEW’s Joey Janela.

It was reported Cass approached Janela over a “fight” between Joey and Cass’ tag partner nZo at a Blink-182 concert in July, and it was noted this was strange because it wasn’t the first time to the two have worked the same show since Janela’s run-in with the former Enzo Amore.

In a tweet, Janela vaguely confirms the stories about the Rahway show, mentions being caught off guard since he and Cass were fine at Northeast Wrestling’s Fri., Sept. 13 event, and wishes the seven-footer well with what will hopefully be a path to health and recovery:

Not gonna elaborate at all on this whole deal besides that it was probably the bizzare situation I’ve ever seen let alone been a part of in a wrestling locker room in 15 years, everything was cordial and friendly Friday and I hope the dude gets back on the right track...

— Bad Boy Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) September 15, 2019
For more on the situation at WrestlePro’s Return To Rahway, click here.

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